Visa Policy and Restrictions

visitor visa in Canada

Also in cases where a person has a different destination, but he forcefully requires to travel through a country before he arrives at his desired land, needs to get a transit visa. This is basically an allowance to permeate through one or several countries before you reach your final destination. If a country has visa agreement with another country the residents of the former does not need to get a visa for their visit to the latter.

But if two nations don’t have any visa agreement between them, they will definitely need to show a visa prior to their entry into the foreign land. The Canadians need to show visa for their travel to Bhutan, however, they do not require to show one for their visit to America. A person needs to first get a visitor visa to Canada from India, if he wishes to visit his ailing relative there, anytime soon. A working holiday visa gives the traveler an allowance to earn himself a ephemeral employment in a distant land, although it is not their final destination. But there are few countries which do approve this kind of working holiday visa program. Your passport index will give you a detailed information regarding your need for a visa, to the particular countries you wish or require to go through.

Talking about a country’s visa policy is like stating the rules and restrictions that levy on a citizen’s entrance and exit from a foreign land. Not only this the visa policy also encompasses and dictates the activities and involvement of a person in a host country. Depending on the visa agreement, the policy allows and restricts the entry of the citizens of one country to visit another. There are a few countries withholds their citizens eligible for a visa-free travel across each other, the case of the bilateral visa policy. But there are lots of exceptions. Canadian citizens who have their passport can travel to Granada without a visa but the people of Granada needs to get a visitor visa in Canadawhenever they travel to the same. There is no involvement of any strict rules for the determination of visa policies, and they are mostly arbitrary. But yes, of course, there are some typical considerations before laying out the rules, which mainly highlight the diplomatic relations with the other country.

Diplomatic relations are mainly based upon the prior account or history of any illegal immigration from that land, several tourism factors etc. This causes for many countries to have several restrictions on their visa sanctioning procedure. This way the country’s organization can strongly manipulate and control the inflow and outflow of travelers in and out of their land. This definitely prevents the illegal immigration from a foreign land as well as suspends many possible criminal activities.

Application of visa requires quite an amount of money, and hence when travelers are being forced to apply for it, the authorities can put a careful inspection and this helps to screen the potential visitors. This effectively stops the immigration of individuals who travel to different lands for an illegal purpose.


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