Travel from Canada to India to visit the Amazing Beaches

Amazing Beaches
Amazing Beaches

Do you wish to travel from Ottawa to Chennai? The best way to book Ottawa to Kochi flights is by choosing a flight from Ottawa to Heathrow, which is a 6 hours 45 minutes journey. You can then travel from Heathrow to Chennai International airport, which takes around 10 hours. Since there are no direct routes, it is better to choose flights with split location.

Chennai – The Capital city and its attraction

Chennai is the capital city with improved infrastructure. It has reputed health institutes, colleges, Multinational companies and more. If you are looking for a quick trip to India, Chennai should be your first destinations. This coastal city has amazing beaches, which one must not miss. If you are booking your Ottawa to Chennai flights, make sure you include the Chennai beaches in your itinerary.

Cove long Beach

This beach in Chennai is a must to visit for its captivating beauty. The beautiful beach also gives you a glance of the ancient ports during the time of Nawabs of the Carnatic. The clear water and clean shore make an ideal place to play in the sand and water. You can go for swimming, windsurfing and involve in other interesting activities along with the locals. The white sand and palm trees add beauty to this beach.

Elliot’s Beach

When it comes to neatness, this beach tops, among other beaches in Chennai. Located on the eastern coast, it is near Besant Nagar. The beach is well developed and there are a lot of entertainment facilities for youngsters and kids. You can also visit the Besant Nagar Church, which is very close to Elliot’s Beach. Temples like Asthalakshmi temple, Arupadi Murgar temple add importance to this place.

Marina Beach

The longest and the cleanest beach in India is a place for morning and evening walkers. It is one of the best tourist destinations in Chennai. It attracts people of all age group. The busiest beach is crowded all time and you can enjoy the typical street food at lowest prices. From fish fry to buttermilk, everything is available on this beach.

VGP Golden Beach

Once, VGP Golden beach served as the best shooting destinations for every movie. The beach is recently developed and if you wish to stay in beach resorts, you must be here. Tourism and Entertainment Corridor of Tamil Nadu and its sees improvement every now and then maintain this place. There are many attractions inside the beach and amusement park, which is loved by people of all age group.

Mahabalipuram Beach

People visit the beach throughout the year and it is famous for stone temples and carvings. This place has been the port city of the Pallavas. Mahabalipuram Beach is also classified as UNESCO World Heritage sites with golden sand and rock cut sculptures. An ideal place for a vacation, other attractions here are motor boating, diving, windsurfing etc.

So, next time you travel from Ottawa to Chennai, you must visit all beaches. They are attractive and it is fun to watch the tide. If you are looking for cheap airfares, you can check them at


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