How to Pick Out the Best Italian Luggage Sets

Italian Luggage Sets
Italian Luggage Sets

When you look up the best ways to pick out a suitcase, you are sure to come across several different answers. Although some people say that the brand has no role to play, and it all depends on the quality, in some cases, this is not so true. Before you decide to book the next flight, you need to do one important thing- pack your Italian luggage sets! If you are a Spartan traveler or tourist who can live out of a travel backpack for the next few days, you can do this in the best way, even while you sleep!

However, for everybody else, it may be a challenge to pick the right luggage for the trip. If you find yourself fit into this category, then you need to learn about some few tips to finding your luggage for your next trip.

What Are Your Options in Travel Luggage?

Keep in mind that how you pack depends greatly on where you wish to travel and the budget you have to follow. If you plan to travel by plane and want to avoid paying the extra checked luggage fee, then you need to limit yourself to just one carry-on, or a smaller backpack to carry your personal items. You can also choose a messenger bag or purse.

Carry-On Luggage Sets

Carry-on luggage sets are a top choice for frequent travelers nowadays, and for good reasons. They come with no strict limitations and easy to carry from one place to other. Each one you choose from brands such as Mia Toro also has spinner wheels, making it easier to maneuver from place to the other in the airport. Sets come in various sizes, allowing you to pack more than one item by distributing them well in the different sized bags. You can explore different websites for specifications, but remember that a good rule of thumb is to choose a bag that isn’t larger than specifications like 22 inches x 14 inches x 9 inches.

Checked Luggage

When traveling, you have to pay attention to the weight limits of checked bags. Each type of bag, depending on the sizes will have different weight limits, and extra charges, especially if the bag exceeds 50 pounds. You also have to pay attention to the dimensions of your bag. The complete dimensions for checked bag may be about 62 inches (including the length, width, and the height).

If you plan to use a luggage lock, you need to make sure that it comes with a TSA approved system for lock, which is easier to open with a universal key. If the locks do not, the agents can break the locks to inspect the content of the bag.

Hardside and Softside Bags

Once you decide on the type of luggage you wish to carry, and decide on the suitable dimensions, you will have to decide whether you want a soft-sided luggage, duffel bag or one that provides maximum protection from continual slinging from conveyers to carts by the baggage handlers. During this process, the luggage also has to protect all your personal belongings from crushing in the process.

Usually, soft-sided bags are a preferable option for travelers only if they choose to carry items that are not fragile and still protect valuables like tablets, jewelry, mobile phones, and laptops. If you have a soft bag, you can squeeze it in the overhead compartment of the plane or your seat. Soft bags are a good option for checked luggage if you pack items securely. All depending on the size of the aircraft that you will board, the attendants may require carry-on luggage, regardless of the size.

For longer duration travel, hard-sided luggage is a preferable choice amongst so many travelers. Their robust, sturdy, and durable hard shell makes it safer for you to pack fragile items without worrying about whether they will crack or shatter when placed under weight or pressure. The best quality ones come in different thickness levels and offer the best degree of protection.

Personalized Options

Many brands of luggage are available today, and you are bound to find identical baggage, especially if you travel more often. If you want to avoid taking off with a wrong type of bag that looks similar to yours, you can choose to personalize your travel luggage based on design, color, or pattern to distinguish it from others. You add personalized touches to it by adding colorful prints, patterns, or choosing unique color contrasts to make it easier for you to spot the luggage sets when they appear on the luggage carousel.

Keep in mind; you should consider many factors when choosing the right Italian luggage sets. These factors include the mobility, size, and the durability. You need to use a suitcase that is large to let you pack all your personal belongings, yet compact enough to fit in the compartment of the plane. It should let you travel with ease and not make it difficult to move around.


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