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Madou a young Malian migrant, watching Melilla (one of the two only European cities in the African continent) from the viewpoint not far from the Gurougou camp in Northen Morocco.

For the immigrants, Canada is a selected country which always welcomes people from any part of the world. The only condition here is one has to come under any category decided by the country and as per the legal provisions only.

In case you have plans to travel to Canada from your native land India, you may be having a lot of questions in your mind. To find answers to questions such as Canada does make a perfect destination for you to travel to being an Indian, the country is able to provide you with some benefits or not if you travel to Canada. Of course, to get a reply to your puzzling queries, it is necessary, to begin with, something about immigration to Canada undertaken from India.

A lot of immigration services in India facilitate a considerable size of the Indian population to travel to Canada yearly can be said to be important. India is considered to be amid top countries for migration to Canada. The immigration from India to Canada dates back to a century and is still significant in this century also. Nevertheless, the prime query is why this migration from India to Canada has got importance and the kind of benefits Indians are going to get as permanent residency – PR in that country – Canada.

Benefits of permanent residency to Indians

In these days there happen a number of Indo – Canadian families to reside in Canada that gives a clear indication of the sort of life these people are leading in the country. Indians have got jobs more or less in every sector of the industry. Some of the Indians have risen to the level of MPs and cabinet ministers in Canadian federal government. Below are given some advantages Indians have in Canada.

Indian Communities

By hiring services of immigration companies in India as you happen to travel to Canada from India, you will be able to come across a considerable number of Indian communities and people by which you are able to get a benefit in the sense of developing contacts or mingling within the society. It is also the fact that a lot of Indians have their relatives residing in Canada, and it can be counted as one of the advantages as you enter the country.

Democratic ideals & tolerant society

Dissimilar to various other developed countries, in Canada you will find no negative thought regarding migration in the Canadian society. The democratic principles, as well as tolerant society found within Canada, do offer a kind of homely feeling to Indian Diaspora coming to live in Canada as Indians can be said to be a good democracy in itself that has healthy set up of democratic values.

Higher Employment rate

Going by an aging population, there in Canada is a need for a huge number of migrants to occupy the skill vacancies throughout its different provinces. As a result, Indian people have got large opportunities to get a job in high paid positions and growth of their career in comparison to India


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