5 Things that Travel Insurance Can Provide for You

Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance

Travelling is one of the greatest joys we could ever have. We research about the place we want to visit and carefully make an itinerary to avoid unnecessary events. However, sometimes we cannot avoid some instances such as natural calamities (storm, earthquake) and so we need to be prepared and protected.

This is when travel insurance comes in the picture. Travel insurance can actually take away your stress during any trip you tale. But keep in mind that before purchasing one, you should read the policy if it suits your travel needs. It is important that you compare various policies before choosing the one.

Generally, travel insurance covers your baggage, trip cancellation, medical needs, and other personal liabilities. Below are some of the reasons of getting travel insurance on your trip:

Provides medical coverage overseas

Travel insurance offers medical coverage such as hospitalization. In the event that you need a trip to the clinic due to some illness or alike, your insurance will cover the expenses. Medical treatment abroad could be expensive such as when travelling to Southeast Asia, when you need medical attention, it could cost $800 and United States price ranges from $75,000 to $95,000. If you want a stress-free travel even if you have medical condition, travel insurance will help out.

Protection from cancellation or re-booking trip

You saved money as well as vacation leave, so in the event that your trip is cancelled or rebooked on a later date, travel insurance will cover for you. It is like protection your travel investment because of any unforeseen circumstances. Your insurance can provide lodging expenses of your travel or even claim that unused transportation.

Covers missed connection, flight delay, and lost/stolen luggage

If you have cancelled or delayed flight due to some circumstances such as blizzard or other calamities, the airline will not be responsible for providing food nor lodging but your insurance will cover for it. Travel insurance can cover food, hotel accommodation, cost of replaced items, or missed flights. However, keep in mind that there is minimum of length of delay as well as amount of reimbursement for stuff such as personal care. When claiming, you must make a list of all the stuff in detail. The policy cost will always be based on how much the possessions are being insured. Also, receipts are required for expensive items such luggage.

Takes care car for rent accident

If you avail car for rent on your travel and it got involved in an accident, most of the time, you have to pay for the excess even if it is not your fault. Even if it is minor or major, it will cost a lot and there is a potential that it will spoil your vacation. If you have travel insurance, unexpected things such as this will be covered and this is enough reason to have the protection you need.

Includes accidental death or dismemberment

This is the most terrifying thing that can happen to one person while travelling. If a family member or a friend experienced life-threatening event like losing eyesight or worst is death during their trip, travel insurance will cover for that but the amount will depend on the situation. You can directly ask a travel insurance adviser about this matter.


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