3Things You Need To Know When Backpacking To New Jersey

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New Jersey located in the north of the USA mostly covered by Coastline and is the best place for vacation backpacking also. Some Island also there for all inclusive cruises vacation every visitors should try. Beyond this, during your outdoor to NJ, a tone of trailer camp is there around the area that one can pay a small amount to rent out. Well, all is need to prefer the best camping style that allows you to really live your way. So here we bring some amazing Backpacking tips for our readers that need to follow if you are backpacking near New Jersey.

Some people consider Backpacking near NJ is impossible. But is it really true? No, not really if follow some backpacking trips.

Tip 1. Harriman State Forest in New York allows backpacking within a particular distance. Tom Jones Shelter area and Bald Rocks Shelter area, both offer different hikes. There is only 20 minutes hike to get to the spot. This is such a short hike and if you are new to hiking or not a much hiker, we recommend Tom Jones Shelter location to experience actual backpacking trip.

Bald Rocks Shelter area: The trip to this location is much longer hike than another one. The trail fills with different types of land. If you are not a good hiker, continue to a certain distance and find the shelter to place the tent. Although, this is the much more difficult hike but still lots of people camping this area every year.

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Tip 2.If you are a hiking lover and prefer little to no equipment, Bald Rocks Shelter is the suggestion we would like to give you. The fewer burdens you bring here, the easier and long run hike is going.

Tip 3. Weather: What to Expect?

If you are planning on backpacking during the winter or staring or end of the winter and not much comfortable with the cold environment, purchase a zero degree bag. If you don’t get much cold, the temperature will definitely fall during the night.  So we recommend you to get a good sleeping bag that just fine during the wintry nights.

Here we are going to explain some backpacking essentials for backpackers.

  1. Water: Bring collapsible water containers along with. Be aware of leaky water bottle concern.
  2. Hiking Shoes: You can’t assume what kind of hiking land you are going to experience hiking. Choose proper hike shoes that make you comfort or save from external hurt.
  3. Tent and sleeping bags: If it is warm out, still sleeping bags saves you from many external distractions. But if you choose winter for backpacking, make sure to bring a good sleeping bag.
  4. Cooking Utensils: Lightweight, plastic cooking Utensils are available everywhere and is the best choice to bring along. They available in the market at a reasonable price and easy to pack.
  5. Clothes: Selection of cloths totally depends on how many days you are camping and in what session.  The more lightly your backpack, easier the hiking will be.

If you are from outside the country and plan a vacation along with backpacking in New Jersey, a vacation agency can help you to choose the right destination for vacation and backpacking.


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