3 Enthralling Wildlife Sanctuaries in Manali

Wildlife Sanctuaries
Wildlife Sanctuaries

Wildlife sanctuaries are considered as travel delights to anyone who loves to travel. They are the home of various exquisite wild animals that are being well taken care of. Manali is one such place in Himachal Pradesh that houses some of the most exquisite wildlife sanctuaries in India. The wildlife sanctuaries in Manali serve as home to many endangered species of animals and birds. These sanctuaries provide the wildlife a chance to a protected natural habitat and keep them safe. Some of them are –

Manali Wildlife Sanctuary

Situated among the scenic beauty of greenery and beautiful wild animals of the mountains, it should be one of the must-visit destinations in your Manali tour packages. It is located at a distance of about 2km from the town area which is spread over ‘3180 hectares of land’. They house exquisite wildlife creatures such as the Himalayan Black Bear, Indian Hare, Himalayan Tahr, Yellow Throated Martens, Stripped Hyena, flying fox, musk deer etc. it also serves as a home to many endangered wild animals such as the leopard and Gorals. Winters are the ideal time to visit this place.

LeopardNature Park, Manali

The beautiful greenery amidst the Himalayas, Nature Park Manali is one of the major attraction spots of the tourists here. The major wildlife attractions here include the rhesus, sambar, black-naped and macaque. The months from May to October are the best time to visit this place and revel in the beauty of the wildlife here. The species housed here are truly a delight to any animal lover which makes it one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the map of Manali.


Pin Valley National Park

It is located at a distance of 249 km from Manali bus stand in the ‘Lahaul of Spiti district’ of Himachal Pradesh. Pin Valley is considered as a beautiful trek in Manali. This place received the status of a National Park in the year 1987. This park serves as a natural habitat for many endangered species of animals like the snow leopard, weasel, red fox, Siberian ibex etc

So if you are looking forward to an adventurous trip in Manali and you are a wildlife enthusiast, you must definitely visit these sanctuaries. They should be listed as your must-visit destinations in your Manali tour packages. Since the wildlife is in danger now and not many opportunities are available to appreciate these wildlife creatures. So grab the opportunity and visit these wildlife sanctuaries and make your trip to Manali a truly memorable one.


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