Types of Cakes for Different Occasions


While planning for an event or occasion, there are many things to be kept in mind in terms of budget and satisfaction. Most of the amount during events such as weddings, parties, birthdays and other occasions are spent on the food, decorations, makeup, clothing, etc. After all the planning and deciding, it is important to allocate the same importance and planning to one essential element of the occasion, the cake.

Selecting the right kind of cake is a very difficult choice as there are many choices available and the taste buds also differ among people. Cake cutting is a tradition followed in many different countries all over the world. It has become a ritual to have a cake to cut as it marks the beginning of something new and exciting. To come to common consent can be hard, but possible by narrowing down some of the best type of cakes suitable for the occasion. Here are a few ideas as to what kinds of cakes are trending presently in the market.

  1. Ice cream cakes.

Gone are the traditional days of cakes where one recipe was modified into many flavours. Cakes have evolved from fluffy tea cakes to pastries and now have further evolved to present ice cream cakes. These are cakes which are made from ice creams and taste very delicious. They come in many different flavours. Best occasion for ice cream cakes would be a quick gathering of celebration such as a birthday party, farewell celebration, etc.

  1. Cupcakes.

Cupcake business has been booming over the years as they more attractive, easy to make and come in all shapes and sizes. There are a variety of flavours to choose from and the trendiest one that is ordered always is the red velvet cupcake. They are a hit during bridal showers, baby showers, and other light hearted events. Cupcakes also are customized into tiny shapes and sizes and are available with personalized messages.

  1. Any chocolate is good chocolate.

Chocolate cakes are the safest option of cake as you can never go wrong with it. They are a hit among kids and adults, alike. They are a perfect flavour for birthday parties across ages as love for chocolate can never get old. Chocolate cupcakes, Chocolate fondue, chocolate mousse and even plain chocolate cake topped with chocolate sauce will just leave you craving for more.

  1. Homemade cakes.

Despite trendy pastries and cakes predominantly affecting the food industry, homemade cakes have a taste of their own which the other cakes can never compete against. They are made with ingredients that are not available in the market. The secret ingredients are love, care, and also of affection. It provides a personal comfort while presenting a home-made cake as a gift or even as the centre of celebration.

These are some of the popular cakes you can buy or order according to what is suitable for a particular event or occasion. You can even have them delivered by choosing the right cake online. There is option of online cake delivery in Chandigarh, and other cities where you get excellent options to decide from.


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