Tips for Throwing a Budget Friendly NYE Party

Rose and Cake
Rose and Cake

New Year’s Eve parties are the most hyped parties where every family, group of friends and relatives get together to celebrate the passing year and bringing in the new year. For a person who is hosting a house party on this day, it is a complete nightmare. From finalizing the guest list to managing the food and drinks, hosting a party is a huge responsibility. There are a lot of times when people go overboard with their New Year’s Eve party budgets when the planning isn’t done right.

Here are a few simple tips for throwing a budget friendly New Year’s Eve party without going overboard with the expenses and leaving a hole in your pocket –

Do a DIY décor
The most budget friendly way to decorate your house is by doing a complete ‘Do-It-Yourself’ (DIY) décor. You can organize a small party planning group with your close friends and make the entire decorations from scratch such as banners, blowing balloons, confetti etc. This way, you don’t have to hire a party decorator who will charge you a bomb for doing the same basic work which you and your friends can do together as a team. Not just that, doing the entire décor yourselves can be a fun bonding activity as well!

Prepare the food yourself
Hiring a catering company to prepare the entire buffet of food and desserts such as pastries, rose and cake, will be very expensive if you are on a tight budget. Instead, buy ready to eat foods and frozen foods like samosas, spring rolls, sausages, nuggets etc. which will take you just a few minutes to fry and serve. If you have a huge terrace, balcony or backyard, you can also do a barbeque party where the guests can barbeque whichever marinated foods they like. You will have to marinate all the veggies and meat prior to the party else you will end up with tough meat which will take forever to barbeque!

Order the dessert
Dessert is usually cheaper when ordered rather than preparing yourself especially when it’s a huge party. You can order pastries, rose and cake as per your customization either online or from a bakery nearby. They will deliver the dessert right at your doorstep, so you need not worry about getting stuck in traffic on the night of the party just to pick up your order. It is important to note that you need to place orders for New Year’s Eve party days in advance and sometimes even weeks to avoid any delays.

Keep minimum alcohol at the house bar
This is very important when throwing any house party. Keep minimum alcohol and liquor at the house bar and inform your guests well in advance that you have a limited stock of drinks. This way, you can save up on spending a lot of money on drinks and your friends can bring an extra wine, champagne or beer crate as per their preference. Alcohol is generally more expensive as compared to food which is where most of the party budgets go haywire.


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