What Should You Know About Wholesale Diamonds?


The world has lots of stylish cities, and Melbourne is right up there as one place that understands a thing or two about elegance. This is a destination that blends old and new architecture with high fashion and decorative arts. Ask local fashionista as where to buy quality contemporary jewellery with a classic nod, and they are likely to say the Collins St precinct in the city. This area is bursting with creative talent and fine craftspeople plying ancient trades with today’s techniques.

If you refine your search further by seeking out wholesale diamonds then you may come across one name more than once – its Kush Diamonds. They have nearly four decades of experience on the Melbourne jewellery scene and are the rare combination of a wholesaler and jeweller all in one. For their clients, this means a one-stop shop for all things diamonds and metal. It means a straightforward process with one store that really understands their business and takes their client satisfaction seriously. After all, you don’t get to design items for Hollywood stars without knowing a thing or two about your craft.

They can walk you through the diamonds of your choice at an obligation free viewing. Your preference might be for the biggest rock within your budget, or the most flawless stone you can afford, all desires can be accommodated, and that’s before we even get to choose the metal or design in which to place your special gem. Best of all their diamonds are GIA approved, meaning that they are ethically sourced and accompanied by documentation giving you the complete rundown on the vital statistics of your precious stone.

Any diamond dealer worth their salt will fully appreciate that you probably don’t purchase gemstones too frequently throughout the course of your life and will offer genuine advice and professional support throughout the process. Working with a professional that you can trust is paramount, longevity in the business can say a lot about how they operate on a day to day basis. An engagement ring is a game-changing item of jewellery, it represents a new phase of your life and taking sincere advice regarding its creation and purchase are really worthwhile. Hopefully, the journey from choosing a loose diamond to sliding the finished article on to your finger, or finger of your beloved, will be a story you can retell to family and friends down the years.

The beautiful pieces made locally in Melbourne by Kush Diamonds are the result of forty years’ experience in the business. They have established a reputation for selling wholesale diamonds with integrity and honesty. A trouble free and enjoyable experience makes all the difference when dealing with this sensitive process. There are plenty of decisions to make when creating an engagement ring, so removing a lot of the pressure by dealing with an experienced jeweller can make a big difference. Under their guidance, they can make sense of terminology and each step of the process, making those big decisions less daunting.


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