Sisal Carpet, A Trendy and Eco Friendly Floor Covering For Your Home


Carpet is always a preferred decorative piece especially when it comes to home furnishing; and going with natural flooring called Sisal Carpet in this respect is like ‘Icing on the Cake’. It is becoming more and more popular amongst the people based in Melbourne, Australia. They make sure they add such flooring to their home and give it an admiring look. It can be taken as a sustainable option for both home and office.

Although, the market of sisal floor covering is not big, but searching for carpet, matting or flooring made up with sisal fiber is worthwhile if you really wish for something different, biodegradable, and durable. This is basically a well known sturdy fiber which is perfect for producing the quality rope and twine; it is pale straw in color by nature and invariably dyed to enhance its beauty. Though, such fiber is endurably produced by hand from the leaves of the cactus plant. And as compared to other natural fibers, it is much stronger and longer-lasting. This is the reason carpets made with this fiber are handy and well suited to every interior and furniture from antique décor.

There is one thing that must be considered, sisal fiber in point of fact, totally different from coir and jute. It is a natural fiber which comes from Agave Sisalana plant and known for its sturdy and durable qualities. That’s that point, it is extremely robust and used in such weighty traffic areas of your home. Apart from flooring you can make use of it as wall decorative piece also and this is the reason it has been gaining popularity amongst buyers, especially those who always eager to enhance the beauty of their home.

Features That Made Sisal Carpet the Preferred Flooring for Every Home

  • It is all natural fiber floor covering and is actually an eco-friendly option for your home
  • Neither traps allergens or dust nor build up static electricity, hence is perfect for kids
  • It is longer lasting, heavy duty and good for heavy traffic areas
  • This is the flooring which easily goes with very décor, furniture and most importantly trends just because of its neutral color.
  • As compared to others, its molecular structure is dense and absorbs sound well.
  • This essentially is insect resistant.
  • Being an eco-friendly approach, Sisal carpets are all suited to places especially where asthma patients and allergic people live.
  • Easily available in various different textures, colors and patterns

One of the best things is that there is range of natural floor covering and their provider available in the market. Floor Space in this respect can definitely be the best one in order to fulfill your wish. It has numerous of options in flooring and you can go with the one which is well suited as per your choice and need. It is said, making use of such carpet also result in adding comfort and astonishing beauty to your home.

So just don’t look further if you too want to give your home a new but mesmerize look, Come to Floor Space and do it now!


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