Why should you Prefer Loft Conversion over Moving the House

Loft Conversion
Loft Conversion

Whenever it comes to the shortage of space, the common thing that clicks the mind is to move the house. Yes, it is true because the majority of the people feel like it is better to move the house rather spending time on a complex project of loft conversion. Well, it is all about the knowledge that you possess regarding the conversion of the attic as moving seems easy but when a person has to deal with the moving chores like packing the luggage, finding a new house, shifting, and many other things, he automatically understands the importance of home extension and loft conversion. Well, here are some valid reasons to prefer attic conversion over moving.

Less Hectic and fuss

Although, it is not easy to manage the tasks of construction however still it is not as much hectic as moving the house. Most of the construction work is handled by the contractor and masons because all you need to do is supervising the project and bringing high-quality bricks, cement, and iron rods. Well, if you have made a contract with a well-reputed contractor then you can ask him to buy the material himself. Here, you don’t have to put your family in a hectic and frustrating situation because they won’t have to pack the stuff or shift the whole luggage.

Moving is more Costly

All the interior designers and contractors are agreed on the fact that moving is costly as compared to adding one or two rooms in the house by converting the area of the attic. So, it is not about the fuss only but the cost can also be cut down by 65% which is not easy to ignore. Buying a new and large house require a large investment and if you choose to live in a large rental home then monthly rental expense would be an extra cost that you’ll bear unnecessarily.

Attic Conversion adds Value

It is not just to increase the living space but the best thing is that all the construction cost doesn’t go in vain rather it adds value to the home in the form of greater outcome. When the households convert the attic into a TV lounge, they get an increase of 25% in the value of the house but if they convert the place into a living room with attached bathroom then an increase of 30 to 35% is ensured.

An Extra Room or TV Lounge can resolve the Issues of Small House

The fact cannot be denied that people who live in a small house face certain issues but it is also true that adding one more room or a TV lounge can resolve such issues. So, when a homeowner can cater the needs of his family in the same house then the idea of moving doesn’t worth because it is not an easy decision to leave a place to which you were associated for years. Hopefully, these reasons are enough to clear your view regarding the importance of loft conversion.

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