Some Interior Design Tricks Every New House Owner Should Know

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So, you have bought a new house. That’s good news for sure. After all, buying a house is every person’s ardent desire. But an important task that still remains is of interior designing. You wouldn’t want your house to look like just another house on the street. Would you? Of course not! Then why are you thinking of not hiring an interior design firm? Well, if you have any such plan, drop it right away. There is no dearth of interior design firms Sydney. And you must hire a reputed company to get the interior of your house designed. But if you are a curious soul, who wants to have a hang of the most common interior designing tricks professionals use, then have a look here-

1.Mirrors are an amazing object. They not just improve the beauty of a house but also make smaller rooms appear bigger. What a lot of professionals do is place floor to ceiling mirrors in small rooms to add depth to them. Mirrors create the illusion of space in an effortless manner. You can either go for embellished or plain mirrors according to the look you want. If there are walls covered in patterned paint around the mirrored wall then opting for a plain mirror with no etchings on it would be the best bet. If, however, the wall that you intend to mount the mirror on is surrounded by plain walls, then you can go for a decorative mirror. No matter what you choose, mirrors will serve your purpose perfectly.

2.If you want cramped hallways to not look eerie, then use bright light to illuminate them. Using dim lights will obviously save you some bucks but they will make your hallways and corridors look more gloomy and sad. Why let any corner of your house feel sad? Light it up abundantly! Even cramped hallways can be made to look spacious with the use of mirrors.

3.If you want your interior space to look vibrant and lively then use plants. Yes, plants have that capability to make any room look brighter and more pepped up. Go for any plant you like. But there are dedicated ornamental plants available these days for the purpose of interior decoration. Although they are a little costly, they will make your room look pretty beautiful. You can also use large plants inside your house. But make sure you place it in some sunny corner, so that it doesn’t wither. And if your house doesn’t get enough sun, then use plants that grow in shade.

4.Don’t toss big furniture items into your rooms just because they look luxurious and cool. Always select the size of furniture based on the size of a room. Make sure both look proportional together.

These tips are not just handy but also extremely useful. And believe it or not, a lot of world-class interior designers create amazing designs using such small and simple tricks. And that is why if you want to decorate your house like a pro, then following these tips religiously would be the best bet.


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