How to Find the best Chimney Sweeping Tips

Chimney Sweeping Tips
Chimney Sweeping Tips

Do you use your fireplace or your wood stove regularly? If yes then when did you last clean your Chimney? If you do not remember when your chimney was last cleaned then it is probably a time your Chimney sweeping is over due. You might ask why is chimney sweeping necessary. Of course it is or else you have a risk of chimney fire.

In this article I will tell you the DIY tips for chimney sweep and saving a few hundred dollars. Removing ordinary chimney soot is simple and a DIY job. If however you have a creosote built up, you might need the help of professional chimney sweep service. Whatsoever, the first step is to determine if the chimney qualifies for a DIY job or a chimney sweep service would be required.

Chimney sweeps
Chimney sweeps

Tips for DIY chimney sweeping.

  1. Check if you can reach the smoke place with a brush.

Most of the chimney fires start in the smoke chamber or the smoke shelf area. So the most important step and area for cleaning is the smoke shelf.  Check if you can reach the smoke chamber and still have place for a brush to move around. If you can hen you can do it yourself. Else you will have to hire a professional Chimney Sweep.

  1. See if you can reach the chimney crown.

In some places the roof is very steep and it might not be safe or comfortable working on the roof ourselves. In such a case it is not a case for you. Better to call a certified Chimney Sweep.

If however you decide to work on the height yourself please make sure you use a safety harness before you climb on he roof.

  1. Do an inspection.

Wear your goggles and put on a respirator before you start the inspection. Now clean the ashes out of the ash box and also remove the grate. Before you open the damper open doors and windows and wait for sometime to stabilise the pressure. After the damper is opened again wait for sometime so that the heat can rise from the home. Now grab a flashlight and enter the firebox with a poker. Examine the smoke chamber with the flash light. If the soot is matte black and less than 1/8 inch, you can do the cleaning yourself. If however if it is deeper a tar like appearance you should immediately stop using the fireplace and call for a professional chimney sweep.

  1. Get the right cleaning tools?

There is no uniform size for the brush for cleaning the flue. You will have to climb the roof , measure the flue liner and buy the brush of the required size.

  1. Minimize the mess.

Before you start with chimney cleaning cover all you furniture with poly sheet, and canvas tarp so that it can be protected from the soot from settling on the expensive interiors.

Tools for Chimney Sweeping

All the tools required for chimney sweep Kent is mentioned in the article above. However here is the list of the same so that all the tools can be kept handy before starting DIY cleaning to avoid last moment running to the market and frustration

  • Drop cloth
  • Dust mask
  • Flue liner brush
  • Small brush
  • Long handled brush
  • Noodle brush
  • Safety glasses
  • Safety harness
  • Duct tape
  • Poly sheeting
  • Vacuum cleaner


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