10 Ways to Spruce Up a Blank Wall

Spruce Up a Blank Wall
Spruce Up a Blank Wall

There is perhaps nothing more annoying than a large, blank wall in your home taunting you to make use of it. True enough, it is often the case that you can do more than just put up with that bare space staring back at you each and every day. Here are just a few ideas on how you can solve the situation.

Build an indoor fountain

You can install a wall fountain and watch how that blank wall transforms into a more interesting nook. Aside from the fact that the sound of flowing water can prove to be relaxing and therapeutic, a water feature inside your home also helps make it look more elegant and impressive.

Hang an artwork

Shop around for any artwork that moves or inspires you, and hang it on your wall. It can be a nice painting, a dramatic photograph, or simply a framed poster. Be sure to go with art that truly interests you, because you will be looking at it day after day. The art that you will choose should never bore you.

Create a family photo gallery

If art is not really your thing, why not frame your favorite family photographs instead, and hang them on the wall? Group them together by a particular theme, like vacation photos or holiday snapshots. Add more and more photos year after year as your family grows and you create more memories.

Paint a mural

If you are gifted with artistic talent, go ahead and create your very own masterpiece on the blank wall of your home. Whether you are adept at painting realistic sceneries or concocting abstract patterns, you can express your creativity and have fun while you’re at it. Your work is sure to be a great conversation starter as well when friends or guests come over for a visit.

Plaster on some wallpaper

An easier way to cover up a blank wall with elements of visual interest is to use wallpaper. There are many colors, designs, textures, and patterns of wallpaper available in the market today. You can mix and match certain swatches to create an even more interesting and unique look.

Install mirrors

Covering a blank wall with end-to-end mirrors is a nice trick to visually expand your living space. Mirrors also help bring in or reflect more light, making your home look brighter and more airy. Alternatively, instead of full-length mirrors, you can opt for an interesting grouping of small framed mirrors in various shapes or sizes.

Cover it with fabric

Another technique that interior designers employ to create an illusion of spaciousness is by hinting at a faux entranceway on a blank wall. This can be achieved by hanging a fabric on the wall—as if a real space exists beyond it. Draped fabric on the wall also makes your home feel more chic and elegant.

Grow a vertical garden

A nice “green” trend in many homes today is a wall garden. Choose sturdy indoor plants and transfer them into appropriate containers that can be hooked onto a wall panel. Indoor plants are not only pleasing to the eye but may be beneficial to people’s health and wellbeing as well.

Create additional storage. If your home is full of clutter, a blank wall is the perfect space where you can build more shelving and storage. Be sure to take into consideration your lifestyle needs when determining the size of the storage and the various hardware it will require, be it racks, hooks, fasteners, or others. You can employ the help of a professional builder or work on it as a DIY project.

Build a bulletin board

Another functional idea for a blank wall in your home is to make it into a giant bulletin board where family members can exchange messages, post notes, tack photos, and more. You can install a traditional corkboard or chalkboard, or a more modern glass panel that you can scribble on with a whiteboard marker.

There are many other ways to address the nagging sight of a blank wall in your home. A little creativity, resourcefulness, and imagination is all you need to spruce up that bare space..


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