Fun Farewell Party Organizing Tips

Farewell Party
Farewell Party

Farewell parties at schools and colleges are extremely exciting because these are the last days of a person’s college life. Here are a few fun ways to organize a farewell party at your college to ensure everyone has the time of their lives on the last day of college –

Party decorations

You can create a party organizing team to help you with the décor. The best way to do this is to put out a list in the corridor display board where everyone can add their names. This way you have a ready list of people who genuinely want to participate and are not doing it just under the pressure of their teachers and their peers. Having a party decoration team is one of the best ways to ensure that all your balloons, décor, charts, ribbons, messages, thermocol cutouts and other party décor is neatly organized. You can also assign different tasks by dividing this team further into stage décor, seat décor, ceiling décor, wall décor and so on.

Food and dessert

You can order food from a catering company for your event. For this, you can check with the head teachers and the principals for the main catering company that they order from or you can also check for reviews and ratings online on the local catering companies. This way, you can ensure you have the best of the best catering companies in town providing food for your party! You can also place an online cake order in Udaipur or any part of India for cupcakes, macaroons, chocolate cookies or any other dessert that you want for the party.

Return gifts

Return gifts are extremely important for your batch mates especially because this is going to be their last farewell party in this college with their friends and batchmates. For return gifts, you can organize a photo booth where you have a hired photographer clicking single photos of the people entering the party. This can be neatly framed into customized frames specially designed to fit the size of the photo clicked. This can be handed over to the students when they are exiting the party hall. Apart from that, you can also give them personalized gifts such as a wall décor item that has different messages such as ‘Class of 2018’, ‘Best Batch of 2018’ and so on. A lot of people also make customized chocolates with the school symbol printed on it which you can easily get from any online bakery or patisserie that does online cake order in Udaipur, Kerala and every part of India.

Music and videos

You can compile fun videos from all the videos and photos of the students in your college and play this video on a big screen for everyone. They will definitely enjoy watching this! For the music, you can have a bunch of friends who can create a customized playlist for the party. This way, you don’t have to waste money on a DJ! Instead, you can use that money for the décor and the food!


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