New Modest Islamic clothing for women

Islamic clothing for women
Islamic clothing for women

In all the religions that are present in the world right now, Islam is the most widespread one. This religion has certain strict rules and norms which all the Muslim should follow if they truly believe in their religion. For the Muslim their clothing is one very important aspect. The Muslims are expected to dress in a certain way at all times. But this aspect is mostly applicable and strict towards women only. An Islamic woman is expected to always lower her gaze. She should also protect her modesty by all means at all costs. Others should not be shown her beauty or her ornaments. It is her responsibility to avoid any kind of outside attention on her. Her body should be covered all the time. No man other than the men in her family must know of her beauty.

For all these reasons, different types of clothing, especially for Muslim women are available. These items of clothing are worn so that they can appear modestly in front of their god. In the beginning these numerous varieties might seem to be a little confusing but with time you get used to them. Given below is some of the commonly worn Islamic clothing for women:

  1. HIJAB- this is mainly a scarf which is used to cover the head. A rectangular or square piece of cloth is folded and worn as a hijab. It only covers the head and the neck of the woman, not her face. It is commonly also known as a shaylah or a tarhah.
  2. KHIMAR- this is a variety of a veil for the woman’s head. It also resembles a scarf, but it covers the whole upper body of the woman till her waist.
  3. ABAYA- this is a type of cloak which the women wear over the normal clothes she wears daily when she has step outside her house. This article is used for covering the whole body and is pretty loose.
  4. CHADOR- this is also a type of cloak, but is an enveloping one, which covers the woman’s body from the head to her toes. A veil isn’t normally worn with it to cover the face.
  5. JILBAB- it is quite similar to the abaya, but this cloak fits a little better and is also present in a wide range of fabrics and colours. Some might also feel it looks like a long tailored coat.
  6. NIQAB- this small piece of cloth acts as a veil across the face, which sometimes even covers the eyes of the woman. But the fabric is a light one providing proper visibility to them.
  7. BURKA- this is a type of huge veil which covers the woman’s whole body. The eyes are also concealed, but are provided with a wire mesh to allow them to see.

These are some of the Islamic wear for ladies, which are very commonly available and worn by the Muslim women. You can easily buy them from a store near you or even sit at home and order online.


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