Choose from An Amazing Assortment of Gemstones for Men’s Wedding Bands

Gemstones for Men’s Wedding Bands
Gemstones for Men’s Wedding Bands

If you are bold enough to break away from certain traditions and customs, you may avoid the typical plain wedding bands for men. Be innovative and adventurous; choose something different that would stand out from the rest. Instead of choosing the classic diamond, opt for any attractive colored gems of your choice. However, do not consider only the aesthetics while making the choice of gems. You must necessarily take into account some other important factors such as the gem’s clarity, wearability, hardness, optical performance, and durability. Here are some of the gorgeous colored gems that would be making striking wedding bands for the contemporary man. From such a fascinating assortment, you should be able to identify something to match your wedding band style or design.

  • Colored Diamonds

Be prepared to steal the show with an unconventional colored diamond on your wedding band. Diamonds are known for their enviable traits so they are the most popular choice for wedding bands and engagement rings. Diamonds boast of a hardness often so it is truly scratch-resistant and better than the rest in this aspect. Tiny colored diamonds could be used in a wedding band to add sheer brilliance.

  • Sapphires

We mostly associate the blue color with sapphires but in reality, they come in a host of colors except for red. Moreover, these exotic gems are known to demonstrate pleochroism or two different colors as per your viewing angle. Some sapphires could be changing color as per the light source. Moreover, star sapphires demonstrate asterism, a splendid star-like optical effect. They have a hardness of nine and are robust and durable. They prove to be amazing jewelry stones particularly for wedding bands and engagement rings.  Sapphires are hugely in demand and are very expensive. Visit for an assortment of gorgeous wedding bands for men.

  • Emeralds

Do you wish to project the royal look? You may choose the emerald stud wedding band to stand out from the rest. An emerald is regarded as the perfect ‘jewel of kings’. Emeralds are available in stunning greens from lighter to darker tones. They have a hardness of eight and are also pretty much scratch-resistant. Emeralds are in great demand because of the gorgeous green color and rarity.

  • Amethysts

This is a popular and stunning alternative to diamonds. Amethyst gems could be great for making striking wedding bands for men who are looking for something novel and definitely different. This splendid variety of quartz displays colors ranging from soft pastels like mauve or lavender to dark purple. They boast of a hardness of seven and do not break easily.

  • Aquamarines

Aquamarines are known for their blue-green hues and they could infuse a dream-like trait to your usual wedding band. These gems could be used alone for a stunning look but when surrounded by tiny sparkling diamonds they would simply win your heart. They boast of an outstanding hardness of 7.5 to almost 8. They are robust and more long-lasting than emeralds.


Now you must be equipped with some knowledge to identify the different gems that can be used in wedding bands for men. However, identifying gems could be a difficult task and is an art. Identifying the right gems depends on human observation, experience, and knowledge.


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