4 Pros and Cons of a Raw Food Diet for Dogs

Raw Food Diet for Dogs
Raw Food Diet for Dogs

We all love to have a pet but most of us are not familiar with the basic facts of giving healthy food to the dog due to which, we just end up quitting the decision of owning a pet. However, having knowledge of few simple things can actually won’t let you quit the decision of having your favorite pet at home. Most of the time, we hear that raw food is not good for the health of a dog and that is why the majority of pet owners rely on canned food only without even knowing the actual cons of raw food. But, wait; does raw diet contain cons only? Well, there must be some benefits of giving this diet to pet that should not be ignored because relying completely on dry food is not a wise choice. Below, some pros and cons of raw food are discussed to show you both sides of the picture.

Meet the Nutritional Needs of Puppies

The raw food contains all the nutrients that are necessary for a good health of the puppy. The immune system of a pet also stays strong when a dog takes the raw food because such proteins are not possible to get from canned food. It is important for you to give food to a dog that contains the needed proteins in plenty of quantity as the deficiency of nutrients and proteins can actually put the health of puppy at risk.

Clean Teeth and High Energy Level

When a dog chews meat or other raw food, it actually boosts up the energy level of a dog and it takes more part in the activities that can actually keep it more active. A lazy dog is not a good option to play with but when you choose a raw food, it actually proves good to boost the immune system of a dog. More on, when a dog chews the raw food, it proves good for the dental health and the teeth are also cleaned automatically which is not possible in the case of dry food.

Diarrhoea and Digestive Issues

The raw diet sometimes causes severe issues to the digestive system of puppies especially when you give an excessive amount of this food to pets. Diarrhoea can actually put the health of dog at risk so a balance is needed while giving food to pets. People are not familiar with the right apportionment of proteins and vitamins in the raw food and that is why they can’t decide the most suitable quantity for them.

Salmonella, Coli, and other Bacteria in the Food

The raw meat and vegetables are more prone to bacteria as compared to cooked food. Washing the meat is not enough to kill all the bacteria and that is why it can cause severe health issues to dogs. The cooked food is comparatively safe for puppies and they do not even face any difficulty while digesting such food.

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