Does it Make Sense in Refusing Vitamin K for New Born Babies?

parents refusing vitamin K for new born

The trend is alarming and a major cause of concern which doctors are witnessing. More and more parents refusing vitamin K for new born. It does increase the chances of bleeding in the intestines or brains or babies.

The lows

As all of you are aware Vitamin K is an essential vitamin that helps in blood clot formation. In older children or adults the vitamin is found in the digestive tracts. In the case of infants this is not the case. The worst part is that breast milk does not have sufficient influx of vitamin K that can ward off possible bleeding disorders. Numerous disorders due to deficiencies of vitamin K occur in kids.

It is not only brain bleeding or gastro intestinal issues, babies who are prone to vitamin K deficiency tends to have specks of blood in their stool. They become fussy and victims of anaemia where you tend to witness shortage of red blood cells. In order to ensure that the new born babies are healthy it is mandatory that a vitamin K shot is a must in the US. This policy has come into place after 1961.

The reasons for refusal of new born vitamin K are pretty strange as per medical experts. This grew out of the myth that there was a strong relation between this vitamin and leukaemia. Though this data did not deserve a lot of accolades in the days to come as well. The doctors view point is that if a parent is refusing the vitamin K vaccine then they are simply playing with the health of their child. Doctors have also gone on to witness a lot of babies who have suffered vitamin K deficiencies and their main investigation is to certify whether it is related to lack of vitamin K shots or not.

In some cases the parents do not want the baby to even feel the shot of vitamin K. They are so worried about the shot and a lot has got to do with false material being circulated on the internet.

The positives

The trend among the parents is to opt for natural birthing experiences as far as possible. This would mean refusing an epidural to taking the baby home without providing the required dose of vaccines. According to the view point of parents if they think that something is in order, then do ask the doctors and verify their answers. If you are refusing to comply with all vaccines then do weigh the benefits along with the consequences first. Any decision needs to be based on the knowledge that you are presented and do not fall into the blind trap of what others parents are following.

To sum it up it is not suggested that you stop vitamin K at any cost. Doctors are also of the opinion that it would not be a wise decision to stop it any way as well. If you do so there is a strong risk that you are playing with the future.


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