Why follow up care is very important of Cancer Treatment and why it is Deemed as necessary

cancer hospital
cancer hospital

As far as cancer treatment is concerned one of the common forms of treatment would be to remove the surgical tissue and the surrounding areas around it. Till date it remains one of the oldest forms of treatment and it is still popular. It is suggested that if you are in the top cancer hospital in India, you are prescribed follow up measures that aids to speed recovery.

Why is there a need of follow up treatment and why it is deemed as important?

When the term follow up treatments comes up it does indicate to routine medical check ups. Imaging procedures and basic reviews would provide you with a glance at the operated area. Some blood tests are part of this procedure. Why these tests are important is that they help to identify the health condition of a patient. But the main purpose of these tests is to figure out whether cancer has totally subsidized or emerged in the surrounding area. With these check ups it is easy to figure out whether cancer has emerged as well. If there is any recurring problem it could be treated effectively as well. The physical along with mental problems that arise once treatment is over could be dealt effectively as well.

What are the things that patients should keep an eye on?

Patient is to take active part in the post operative treatment. It is therefore of importance to understand whether the symptoms of cancer has returned or not. There are physical problems that arise once you are detected with cancer and this includes trouble in speaking, concentrating for long periods of time, excess gain in weight or it could be the other side as well which points to excessive loss of weight as well. It is therefore of fundamental importance that patietns are aware of the slightest changes in health and then report it to their health care provider as well.

The frequency of the post operative care?

Once againt the patient needs to focus on their post operative care as well. It is going to be dependant on the general health of the patient, the type of cancer being treated . in fact you would need to visit the doctor once in every 3 to 4 months and this is going to extend close to 3 to 4 years as well. More often than not it is the judgement of the doctor which assumes a lot of importance at this juncture.

It is during this juncture of post operative care, patients are advised to maintain clear communication channels with their doctor. It is therefore important to understand any abnormal behaviour changes so that it is detected well before it goes on turn to cancer cells. In the case of any other symptoms action can be taken before it does become too late.

It is noted that it is common for patients of cancer to feel anxious accompanied by stress.


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