The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Alcohol in Skincare


Alcohol in skincare is a hot topic. There are lots of perceptions of alcohol in skin care and it’s effect. The fact is alcohol is a substance which is highly used in many skin care products as well as makeups and cosmetics. The million dollar question is alcohol in skincare is good or not. Okay, the answer is alcohol is partly good on our skin while the other effects may not bring out positive outcomes.

The result is good or not that depends on the particular characteristics of the alcohol and its amount. There are some measuring points based on that we can decide which alcohol is right and which one is wrong. If you are conscious of the fact, then this is the right platform for you. Let’s get started to know more about this.

Suitable alcohols for the betterment of our skin

Not all types of alcohol are dangerous. There some alcohols are known as fatty alcohols. This alcohol is perfect for your skin. It has no drying property instead makes your skin more smooth. Fatty alcohols make human skin more velvety, soft and smooth. This kind of alcohol is not at all cruel towards your skin. So you should always check if your skincare product contains fatty alcohol or not.

Cetyl, Cetearyl are known as good alcohols, and these elements make the skin better. Fatty alcohols come from nature. Most of them are from vegetables or the very safe elements of nature. So if you love your skin then go for fatty alcohols. This alcohol is suitable for all sort of skin. Fatty alcohols do not open up your pores it neither treats your skin harshly. So go for it.

Harmful alcohols for our skin

Here comes the bad alcohol. Everything has its good and bad side, and so does alcohol. Before using a product check if it contains SD alcohol, Isopropyl alcohol or not. These alcohols are not at all suitable for your skin.  These alcohols are highly used in makeup as this alcohol has a drying effect on your skin. It provides a matte finish. The fact is these alcohols are not at all suitable for any skin. These elements make human skin worse.

Alcohol and oily skin

Many skincare products use alcohol to remove the extra oiliness from our skin. You may get a matte finish instant, but it has terrible effects in the long run. Alcohols can instantly make your skin non-greasy, but it opens up your pores. Unfortunately, this procedure makes your skin oilier in the long term. Which is a harmful effect of alcohol in your oily skin? It also helps to make your skin look more aged.

So the crucial fact is alcohol is not at all suitable for oily skin. The signs of ageing are much prominent if you use alcohol-based skincare products. To save your oily skin, try to use products without alcohols. Always try to avoid alcohol otherwise it will make your oily skin worse and will snatch away your natural glow.


So the main point is only fatty alcohol is good for skin. The sad fact is, almost every skin care products contain alcohol. On top of that, most of the products do not contain fatty alcohol. So be very choosy when it comes to the point of using skincare products. Bad alcohol will harm the surface of your skin. Pro-aging is a very important companion of alcohol. So be aware.

Skincare and alcohol have become an essential part of the human skin. Only use fatty alcohol enriched skin care products. It will help your skin to glow naturally.


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