Aniracetam and Its Effect


Aniracetam is one of the members of the family of the drug nootropic. It is used to boost the functions of the brain and improve the cognitive processes. The drug was developed way back in the 1970s as a supplement of nootropic in Belgium. Since then, its demand has highly increased all over the world. It is generally popular for its ability to effectively boost the brain and improves all kind of brain activity, but against that you have to bear a number of side effects. But compared to other steroids, its toxicity level is very low that makes it tolerant amongst the most users. If you want your mental performance to improve then you need to considerably increase the amount of the drug to some extent. Then along with the improved brain activity it will also help you boost your mental endurance, memory function, concentration level, visual perception and ability to focus.

The lasting effect of Aniracetam

This is a very common question that strikes every user. Actually, the plasma elimination half-life is of about only 30 minutes. The short duration of effects of this drug indicates that it gets metabolized rapidly and is cleared from the body very fast. The plasma elimination half-life indicates the duration taken by 50% of the dose to be flushed out of the blood. This clearly indicates that after half-an-hour, only half the dosage would remain in your body in the original form. It should be noted that the plasma elimination half-life is different from the biological half-life that measures the time taken by a substance to lose 50% of its pharmacological activity. In case of this drug the biological half-life is about 1 – 2.5 hrs in a human being, which indicates that Aniracetam loses half of its efficacy in this time after you consume the drug.

Major benefits

Some of the benefits of the drug are:

Improving the memory is the most notable benefit. Along with memory your ability to recall things also improves.

Improves cognitive performance and function in people with cognitive impairment.

Increases attention span and awareness. Can also be used to treat mild ADHD.

Boosts your mood and controls anxiety.

Helps you focus better on anything significant

Improves the sleep pattern and calms your mind.

Where to buy

Internet is the best source from where you can purchase the drug Aniracetam. Here, the product is not only available at a competitive price but also the companies take care of the matter of third party testing. The products sold here are also 100% safe. Another advantage of buying online is you can take a look at all the information given there and then take your decision. It is available both in the form of capsules and powder. Normally, the powder form is cheaper. But before you buy the product, you should be aware of its short duration of effects. There is nothing to worry about, as discussed earlier, the basic reason behind is Aniracetam gets metabolized completely.


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