5 Warning Signs to Watch Out for At the Dentist’s Office


Visiting the dental office already happens to be a nerve-racking task for many. Added to that, if there are subpar services you can rest assured that you will be left with much more than just a sore mouth. There are some sure shot signs that are sufficient to discourage and make any person wary of the kind of care that they are about to receive from the office of the dentist.

You may not be sure of the warning signs and that is why here some of them are enlisted that should lookout for so that you can scramble out of the chair at the right time.

  • The dentist’s office is using old technology – Digital X-rays allow the dentists to detect those cavities that cannot be seen through the traditional X-rays. They are often much more exact than that of the old-fashioned radiographs. The Digital X-ray technology also involves less exposure to radiation than that of the erstwhile film.

But you should also keep in mind that the latest technology does not mean that it is always better. A special cone-beam X-ray with 3D picture of the mouth will not do any good to you but will provide eighteen times more radiation than that of the plain old X-ray test.

  • The dentist’s office doesn’t request your old dental requests – Prior to even showing up for an appointment on the dental office, the staff should be asking for these requirements. Dentistry is all about tracking the problems and looking for the solutions.

While there are some issues that are quite apparent there are also others that have previous records. In this case X-rays are of crucial significance for knowing the issues. The dentist should also ask if you have X-rays in the past 6 months. This is because repeating them too soon adds unnecessary radiation with no medical advantage. A full set of X-rays every couple of years is required as said by the healthy patients.

  • They do not go for oral cancer screening – Your dentist should go for an oral cancer screening every six months and she should check your mouth for the signs of oral cancer. You may think that it is quite rare but research has revealed otherwise. It is said that the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) has enhanced many times since the past two decades.

This exam involves looking for the lesions such as abnormal red or white patches of cells on the mucous membranes. The dentists should feel the lymph nodes in your neck, should lift the tongue and inspect both sides of it. Apart from that, she should also check the inside of your gum tissues, cheeks and throat.

  • They are not careful about germs – This is true that you do not want the dentist to tap the keyboard, adjust the light or dig into the drawer and use the same gloves to poke into the mouth without changing the pair. Then comes the sterility of the tools.

The proficient dentists store the tools and instruments must be stored in a way so that they remain sterilised and free from germs. Apart from that, it is also recommended that the gloves be changed several times during the procedure so as to avoid any form of cross-contamination in case of the treatment rooms. You can ask the dentist if their tools are autoclaved with heat sterilisation so that maximum bacteria are killed.

  • They do not have any hall of fame – The dentist may not hang the before and after transformation pictures for all to see. But if you ask for photographs she should be able to show them. Every dentist in a reputed dental clinic in Delhi should show it to the patients. This should be done not only when the patients ask for it but they should display their achievements all over the office space. You must be sure that your dentist has done this previously and will do it again.

The above are some of the warning signs that you should watch out for at the dentist’s office so that you do not end up somewhere where you do not get the true value of your money and time. So know the signs that you should avoid so that you can get the smile makeover of your choice and flaunt your pearly whites whenever you want.


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