Top 12 Christian Movies to Watch on Crossflix

Best Christian Movies in 2016

When you are free and bored, what you would like to do? If the answer is Movie, then you are at the right place.  We are here to tell you about motion pictures on Crossflix. Crossflix is a leading entertainment service with million members in hundreds of countries enjoying movies per day. Movies allow us to step into the shoe of a different perspective and dig deep into our emotions. You can pact with broken heart, loneliness, and anxiety by watching online movies. Different eras have variant concepts like Best Christian Movies in 2016 that are worth watching to heal your emotions. If you are looking for online Christian movies, then we have compiled a list of Christian movies get your weekend sorted.

Here are some movies that might catch your attention:

  • The Masked Saint :

Inspired by a true story, it displays the journey of a professional wrestler who becomes a small town pastor and accepts a posting at struggling church where he helps the community. Very entertaining and uplifting Christian movies and we definitely recommend it to put a big smile on your face.

  • The Passion of the Christ

The portrayal of Jesus adversity is very poignantly captured. The movie has an immense directing, acting, graphics and enormously viewing for anyone who wants the retelling of bible’s version of what actually happened.

  • Courageous

Well written characters and nuances add a charismatic effect. The movie addressed difficult social issues without being judgmental. Enlightening the father’s responsibly in today’s life is the main theme of this film. Recommend seeing it regardless of the faith and beliefs in God!

  • Fireproof

A decent attempt to combine faith and spirituality makes it worth watching. In the movie, a fireman is strongly of the view that you must never let your partner go behind. He faces challenges for his beliefs when his marriage starts facing troubles.

  • War Room

This Bible- Belt Version of the Christianitydeciphersthe problem of middle-class black family. This is a movie for empowerment, well directed by Alex Kindrick.

  • Risen

It is a fascinating cultural artifact and a moving contribution to the canon of biblical movie. A movie made to engage Christian audience!

  • Heaven is for Real

A series of mildly charming scenes with the elegantly performed element, this movies is highly recommended for those struggling with belief in spiritual reality. It is a smooth, easy going film that will please its target audience.

  • Woodlawn

Sport and Religion are potent combinations and this movie is a heartwarming fact-based drama about sport and faith.E rwin Brother made an incredible effort. If you love sports, then it’s a must watch.

  • Letter to God

Faith-based, fact-based, an inspiration Christian movie!  Battle of young boy meets faith, the kindness of postman meets spirituality – the resulting transformation touches the lives around everyone.

  • The chronicle of Narnia

A dynamic adventure shows love among the siblings. Although the movie is imaginary actors worked awesomely. This movie connects to the heart of children.

  • Jonah

Animation and catchy songs make this movie lively and engaging. A humorous take on a biblical story that doesn’t put you off; this would be an enjoyable online Christian movie for your kids.

  • Little Boy

Sticky sentiments are served up in this family film. Sincerely well intentioned, heartwarming story of World War II which will definitely capture your heart.

These movies surely won’t disappoint you. Gather your family, grab some snack and watch the top 12 Christian movies online!


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