How To Keep Your Child Active During Holidays

Fun School Holiday
Fun School Holiday

One time that the parents dread is holidays, especially long holidays like summer holidays those never seem to end. The children are irritable, troublesome and hard to manage during holidays. As there is no burden of school or studying, children just try and have fun. It is not a problem if they have fun; the problem arises when the children just forget all that they have studied. This can become an issue after the school reopens.

So, here are some tips to keep your child’s brain working and active even during holiday season :-

Balancing time :

The children should learn to manage their time from a young age. Let them learn to balance their time between daily activities, entertainment, playing and studies. Even during holidays, they should read something, like a book or so. They can also help you around home chores to learn responsibilities.

Cooking :

Once in a while, you can ask your child to help you in cooking or baking their favourite food. It is a fun, bonding time for the parents and children to cook together. Involving your kids in the process of cooking be it reading out from the recipe book or mixing batter, they will find is exciting and interesting. Just make sure that they stay away from stove, microwave and sharp things.

Gardening :

Gardening is one more interesting activity that you can do with your kids. It is also a way of explaining to them how important greenery is to the world. Dedicate a small patch of land or a few pots juts for your kid. Help them sow seeds and water the plants. The happiness of watching the plants grow is immeasurable. But, be there to help them with the spade and other sharp gardening tools.

Picnics :

Take your kids to small picnics in the town. It can be to a park, museum or a garden. Pack your lunch and take the kids to a pleasant place where they can see the plants and animals. Enjoy the view, walk around and eat the lunch along with your kids. It will be a wonderful memory.

Summer Camp :

If you are busy, working parent, you can join your kids to a summer camp and help them learn as they have fun with children of their own age. The teachers in the camp will look after your kids.

Vacation care :

The vacation care centres will take care of the kids and provide games for them too. They will arrange fun school holiday activities. Children love digital gaming and you can let them indulge in gaming for a few days. They will play along with other kids who are also interested in games. It is the best school holiday exercise that you can indulge your kids in that they will not regret at all.

Holidays are the time when children love to waste time sleeping, playing, or watching movies. They will do anything but study or read. If you try and engage them in constructive activities, they will be in touch with studies too.


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