Know About the Origin of Momos


We all once in a while must have thought of visiting Tibet, the beauty and serenity of the country have fascinated many of the travelers to come and visit the beautiful place. The exquisite monasteries and the greenery is a pleasure to the eyes of the visitors hence out of the hassle of regular city life this place gives a sense of relief and calm. The positive aura of the place and the spiritual surroundings tend to give relief to the lives of those who are just running day and night to fulfill the luxury of the life. It is said that a week’s stay in Tibet can redefine your life’s goal and can make one so focussed. It is scientifically proven that when who have a complete peace of mind a person can think and act better which leads to a healthy and thoughtful living.

Lifestyle of people in Tibet

Tibet is a small country located in Central Asia covering a major part of Tibetan plateau, Tibet is the highest region on Earth. The world famous Mount Everest is in Tibet only. It is said that the Tibetan Empire emerged in the 7th century but later got divided into a variety of small territories.  The economy of Tibet is said to be dominated by the regular agriculture and now tourism has added a lot to it. People of Tibet are the followers of Buddhism and are highly active spiritually, living a very simple life for ages , the people of the country are considered to the most humble community, having the primary influence in art, music, and festivals this place has lot to offer to those who want to explore more about the culture here. The architecture of Tibet is much influenced by Chinese and Indian architecture hence one can find a lot of resemblance in the architecture patterns. Despite a lot of political differences and glitches with the Chinese government, the country is still able to maintain the peace. The staple food of the country is roasted barley, butter, tea, yak meat, and dumplings.

Origin of steamed dumplings commonly known as Momos

Momos, one of the most popular dishes in the world, it is basically a common name for steamed dumplings. There is confusion around the origin of this dish, some consider Momos as a dish from Chinese cuisine whereas some believe it is a dish from the Tibetan cuisine. After digging deep into the history, it was found that the real origin of Momos is Tibet. Being originated in Tibet the dish is quite popular in the neighboring countries, majorly in India, Bhutan, Nepal, and China. Also, it is said that initially, the dish was popular among the Newar community of Nepal and when the Newar merchants used to travel for trade, they brought momos recipe from Tibet to Nepal. Later, the dish was modified by adding more seasoning and style. Earlier, this was a purely vegan dish made with veggies and flour but later some innovations were added to it and it was later made using chicken, mutton, and even buffalo meat.


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