Why are the Abstract Art Paintings valuable?

unique abstract art paintings

Abstract art is usually considered either as a lame attempt to depict fantasies in the name of realism or it is being regarded as an abstruse activity for few diehards.

Much to the concern, few of the people tagged abstract art as a ferocious snob that reflects the oppressive culture of white European males. People who are generally occupied with their work, daily life, movies, computers and televisions do not see these paintings as of any relevance.

But, there is an audience for abstract art paintings and we have to find ways to maintain it.

This article is actually jotted to change the thinking of people with regard to abstract art. Abstract art is considered as the most baffling and ostensibly pointless artwork that exist.

I will be presenting few aspects of abstract art that will be of much help to people who criticise these majestic pieces of work without getting the gist. Let’s begin:

Abstract art paintings do not influence society or politics

The sceptical abstract art painter Ad Reinhardt laid the foundation to revamp the gibberish theories related to this aesthetic skill.

Even though abstract art was initially considered as a means to impact social and political changes, it is not. Although an abstract art painter brushes an impeccable piece that describes the pains of the common man or the hypocrisy of society, it hardly matters.

In the age, where people are so much exposed to the other means such as books, magazines, televisions, videos, newspapers, internet, and computers, room for getting inspiration from paintings is diminishing every day.

So, abstract paintings should be considered as a piece of art that is carved by the Chinese, French, American or Indian artists with creativity and imagination beyond simple understanding. But, it is not meant to change or influence the social or political mindset.

Abstract art offers that little meaning

For people who can give a look at an abstract art and can seek the context in which the painting is crafted with respect to the modern world, this amazing subset of art can offer more than just a sense of joy.

Abstract paintings are known to offer a de-facto profound point of view in life. Quite a few people think that abstract art is all about self-expression owing to the chronic affinity towards romanticism and narcissism.

In reality, an abstract painter ensures to depict the strife between the order and anarchy with his colours and out-of-the-box designs.

A chance to think beyond materialism

Abstract art is something that compels you to think beyond your comfort level, beyond the daily life; basically beyond anything that exists in the material world.

You may found yourself get lost in the essence of an abstract art painting diving deep into some spiritual or conscious feeling that you have never been exposed to. This shows that unique abstract art paintings are really powerful and are not pointless after all.

Abstract paintings are Exquisite

I know, a lot of people will be countering to this particular aspect of the abstract paintings. But, what most of the people miss is the essence that lies in the truth.

Modernism gave birth to artists that always prioritised truth more than anything; be it a truth in seeing things, truth in material or truth in the form itself.

Artists since having an open mind sometimes disagree with the tag ‘beautiful’ given to something as it eradicates the other possibilities of calling something gorgeous. Also, since most of the abstract paintings revolve around some social topic or political frame, art lovers usually defer calling them beautiful often.

For abstract lovers, beautiful is just a way utilized by the superior (so to say) class to show their dominance over the other culture. Open your eyes (figuratively) and see for once, what lies beyond the colour and designs; is the true beauty of an abstract painting.

Final Takeaway

People cannot digest the fact that a painting that showcases some ugly atrocities of society or politics can be beautiful too. Although a lot of Indian artists and other artisans have tried to showcase the hidden rationalism and appeal that lies in an abstract art, not many get convinces just by it.

But a simple fact that is often ignored is; with beauty, the ugliness and everything that lies between the two also exist simultaneously. Calling something only beautiful signifies a sense of inequality towards things.

So, next time you hear about abstract art, ensure to look for the meaning behind the terms beautiful &elegant and you will surely adore the exclusivity of the remarkable artwork.


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