6 Most Frequent Qualms of Novice Art Lovers Answered

Modern Art
Modern Art

Irrefutably, the very idea of discovering new things that intrigue your inner self is actually very spellbinding. In fact, individuals should keep exploring different things that interest them in order to keep themselves busy doing what they love. Nevertheless, other than travelling, out of all the widely followed interests, art never fails to stay at the top of the list. It is so as art not only helps you in connecting with yourself more but also in decorating your spaces exquisitely. Art never disappoints any of its lovers, it has something to reverberate with the soul of everyone that it catches the fancy of. The world of art can take you to places you have never been just by a conspicuous gaze. Some get bewitched by the charm of nature paintings and some with any other genre. Hence, art lovers whether novice or experienced resort to visit one or the other modern art gallery whenever they get time from their hectic schedule.

However, art enthusiasts are oblivious to many of the etiquettes which are considered to be obvious by the gallerists and artists. Herein, we clear most of the questions which new entrants are confused about.

Is one ought to book an appointment prior to visiting any modern art gallery?

No, it is not essential to book an appointment prior to visiting any gallery. Generally, every gallery is open from Tuesday till Saturday. Mondays are mostly reserved for VIPs and special showings. For rest of the days, the galleries are open for public. However, the gallery might be closed due to installation or any other reason. Hence, it is advisable to always check the website or call on the phone number provided on their website to be sure of going and not returning back without visiting the same.

I have seen a few popular modern art gallery completely vacated while I am entering. This makes me feel awkward. Is it fine to enter into an unmanned gallery?

You should not feel awkward at all. On the contrary, you should feel happy about finding an art gallery vacated as that will enrich your experience, you will be able to decipher artworks in a better way. Moreover, art is understood in a better way in a peaceful and decluttered space. So, you should not shy away from entering into a vacated modern art gallery. Just remember to ask someone if it is open for public. Thereafter, go ahead and explore your love for art by gazing at paintings.

How should I ask the gallerists if the artwork I like is on sale?
It is considered rude to ask directly to the gallerist if this is on sale. Understand that art is invaluable and no price can justify its worth. Hence, asking for the sale price is against the norms. You should smartly ask for the ‘price list’ of the artworks to know the price of the artwork you like. Moreover, some of the artworks that are showcased in the gallery might be borrowed by the gallerist from private collections which are not on sale.

Are there some artist details that I should definitely ask for?
Look for the bio of the artist. Request the gallerist to provide you the details of the artist. You should crosscheck the qualification he has. Besides, you should also look the places where he has exhibited or the future projects he is working on. You can also take the opinions of the curators.

Is it necessary to understand the paintings?
Though it is not mandated to know the inspiration behind any artwork you like. If you find it appeasing, you may buy the same. However, understanding the background will make the painting all the more valuable for you. So, even if you are finding it difficult to understand the meaning or inspiration behind a particular artwork, make it a point to ask the gallerist to help you with the same.

I find some artworks really reverberating. However, sometimes I still am apprehensive about buying them. Is it okay to click photographs of the artworks that I like but need some opinions about?

You can click photographs. However, it is advisable to always seek permission of the gallerist, some galleries don’t allow it. Moreover, some artworks that are old might be sensitive to the flash of the camera.

The fore answered questions are enough for you to begin your gallery visits. Don’t forget to share this with fellow art enthusiasts as it might help them as well.


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