The professional year in engineering program helps the engineering graduate to increase the chances of employment in the field of engineering. The programs are designed such that it helps the individual to gain insight into the Australian workplace with the technical know-how and also a clear idea of the employment market. The programs are designed with a minimum of 44 weeks of contact classes with both theoretical and practical training.

There are different program structures designed for this purpose. One of the most popular choices is the 32 weeks practical training along with 12 weeks of full-time internship placement.D during the 32 weeks training program students are trained to draft resume effectively and they are also trained on interview skills. They are also exposed to equal employment opportunities scheme, occupational health safety and environmental process including legislative requirements for working in Australian companies. All these programs are imparted through workshops and are also available as online resources.

The internship placement programs are designed for a minimum period of 12 weeks. On getting the knowledge from the practical classes the students are exposed to apply their practical skills in the workplaces. The students are assigned with mentors who can guide them throughout their intern.

On successful completion of their internship, the students are eligible for the 5 migration points. These points are then used for all point test visas. Once the students gain an understanding of Australian Occupational Health and Safety requirements they can successfully become a member of the professional team of Australian engineers.

The professional year in engineering was designed by engineering education of Australia abbreviated as EEA to assist the engineering graduates from Australian universities to develop the necessary skills which would help them to start a successful career. The program mainly consists of training an engineering graduate and help them with successful placement in reputed engineering companies. Some institutes offer this program, which is spread across Australia. The main goal of all organizations is to increase the employability of the engineering graduates.

Bring your own device in which the students are instructed to arrange their own devices like tablets, laptops etc, during the sessions. The minimum requirements are i3 processors, RAM of minimum 8GB, Hard drive 128 GB, Display of 13 inches with a built-in webcam, headsets or microphones. During the sessions, the students must ensure that the devices are fully charged.

The students are graded based on the classroom attendance and participation. They are scored on the assessments to be undertaken during the classes. The integral part of the course is 12 weeks of internship training under a mentor and is scored based on their performance. An individual is entitled to receive a professional year certification after meeting all the requirements and of course 100% attendance record.

The trainers are experienced professionals working in best of Australian companies and have the excellence in training adults by applying the best adult learning techniques. The students are interviewed by the best business development consultants who assess their skills and help them with the placement opportunities. The professional graduates are also surveyed for the student satisfaction on completion of their professional program.


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