A Wide Range of Good Jobs in Lebanon within Different Industries


Various people like to move to the different countries to build their career and earn a good deal of money. If you are the same person, then you should take the sneak peek to the economy of that particular country before landing there. It is important to check whether employment opportunities matching your requirements are available there or not. Employment opportunities depend on the economy of the country and the industries ruling out there. If you have decided on exploring a wide range of jobs in Lebanon, then you must acquire the information regarding industries available there. And for this need, you can go through the following presented information where you will find the listing of major industries in Lebanon.

Here we go…

Banking Industry

It is one of the successful industries in this country and has been contributing to the national GDP at the large extent. Several banks can be found out there which offer a wide range of jobs to the seekers. Here is the list of well-known banks in Lebanon.

  • Ottoman Bank
  • The Republic’s Central Bank
  • National Bank of Canada
  • Citibank
  • Standard Chartered Bank

Tourism Industry

Although Lebanon is a small country, it is packed with many historic sites and forms of entertainment that are worth visiting. To explore the tourist attractions, numerous tourists visit this Arabian country every year. And to offer them a comfortable and relaxing stay, many hotels have been established here. Establishment of hotels has generated many opportunities for jobs in Lebanon to avail. Let’s take a look at the leading hotel where you can get jobs.

  • Four Seasons
  • Intercontinental
  • Marriot
  • Phoenicia Intercontinental
  • St. George Hotel

Education Industry

The literacy rate of Lebanon is commendable because of the availability of various educational organizations. This country has many good universities that can provide you with the excellent jobs. And some universities include,

  • University of Lebanon
  • The American University of Beirut
  • St. Joseph University
  • Balamand University

Environmental and Construction Industries

If you are seeking the employment opportunities in the construction industry, you can try to grab one in the leading organizations as many of them are available there. Some organizations involved with public and private funds are,

  • Solidere
  • The Council for Development and Reconstruction

Entertainment Industry

This sector has been flourishing day by day in the country. The huge numbers of radio and television stations are operated there. You can get the work of your interests in the entertainment sector. Apart from this, media sector can also make you get the job matching your requirements. Plenty of newspapers and hundreds of magazines can become the source of your income.

Moreover, textile, pharmaceutical, Jewelry manufacturing, telecom etc. are the other industries which add many other types of employment that the job seekers can avail.
Once you are done with getting the information about industries in Lebanon, it is the time to begin your search for the excellent opportunities. To get the greatest coverage of jobs in Lebanon, you can count on various online job portals such as Monster Gulf, Gulf Talent, and Bayt.com. So, begin your job search today!


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