Certificate 3 in Childcare: about Certificate III in early Childhood Education


Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care is a nationally recognized course, which seeks the skills and expertise required for a successful and rewarding career that works with children up to six years.  It includes all related health and skills related to safety, nutrition, communication, and care, which you will need to be awarded as Level 3 Early Childhood Teacher (minimum entry eligibility for domestic students to work in the industry).

Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care provides practical education and workplace experience. Students do the placement – Two placements per week, two placements per week, provide them with excellent work experience.

This approach at this point where you will be taught by experienced practitioners will give you an accurate understanding of contributing to the right environment. Its purpose is to ensure that you learn important skills and develop confidence, not only identify the minimum qualification and value of the employer.

To equip students with skills and expertise to work in the field of early childhood, and allow students to acquire the minimum qualifications required to work in the field of early childhood in Australia. The curriculum has national recognition, which allows home graduates to apply for work in most of the states/territories of Australia. The home graduation level of this course is recognized as 3 child care workers in this award.

Through a long-term care of the services of undergraduate children (zero to six years), sometimes in Early Childhood Education and Care, through Certificate III, you will be introduced to work in the field of early childhood.

Early childhood services have the minimum qualifications for employment and for those who want to start their career in early childhood education, they have the qualification. Career (zero to six years) and employment in family care and kindergarten Can be found.

For domestic students working in childcare in Australia, there is minimum entry qualification in Early Childhood Education and Care Certificate III. Through certificate III, you will learn what it means to work with others to do education and care for children. In this qualification, 18 units are studying such as:

  • Helping the child’s contact, behaviour, and care
  • Helping with Child Health and Safety
  • Support child development and learning
  • After the legal and moral framework

Employment area:

Certificate III provides employment in the following works:

  • Assistant teacher in long day care
  • Assistant teacher in child care centres
  • A kindergarten teacher or
  • Preschool program
  • Sometimes a teacher in care
  • Family day care teacher
  • Grandmother or midwife
  • Other education-based employers can accept this qualification, such as a tutor, teaching support staff or a teacher assistant

Whether you want to work in a pre-school, take a long day care, school hour’s care, family day care, or grandmother, you will be expected to take care and talk with your children. You will learn about drama and learning, basic development needs and providing food and basic health services.

They support the implementation of an approved teaching framework, and assist the welfare of children, depending on the setting; teachers can work directly under supervision or autonomy.

Students, who successfully complete Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care, can apply for a diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC 050113) with 16 credits for qualifying.

Enrol today in Certificate 3 in Childcare  to start your rewarding career.


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