ASIC Design Verification Engineer: A perfect job for the experts


The job is the expectation of an aspirant after completion of his education. Doubtlessly it offers a huge experience and opportunity to be with the experts of the field which can help one gain more knowledge in the concerned field. In the area of the technical field, this becomes more prominent as the technology keeps on changing and hence knowledge gaining is much important for everyone in this field. This very much applies to the one who has just got his education and training in the field of ASIC design and now expecting calls from some of the leading names in public as well as private sector.

ASIC refers to Application Specific Integrated Circuit is one of the most demanded job fields, top multinational companies require ASIC design verification engineers for their industrial work. Before applying for a direct job, the applicant must have some good knowledge of ASIC circuit or should have taken any training within this field. ASIC designing is done for some specific purpose instead of any general purpose, this concept of designing is very crucial and attention seeker which supports the development procedure of embedded systems.

The need of expert:

The major scope of ASIC designing is in Bangalore as the top companies have openings for ASIC design verification engineer in Bangalore. The ASIC actually act like a manufactured device which needs further verification and simulation to check for any sustainability of device function. There are different types of ASIC design verification based on the type of designing like EDA tool and technology and the method of Functional verification is the most popular ASIC verification method which means that the company, first of all, develops ASIC parts or making different number of blocks within ASIC and then allows the functional verification for verifying all functional aspects of ASIC.

The skills:

An ASIC designer is able to use Linux, Tcl, Verilog, etc. and should also understand all basic fundamentals of Analog or Mixed Signals IC designing and logic designing. An ASIC engineer should be able to conduct a complete analysis of parameters of back-end design, developing advanced RTL design by the help of Verilog and can also demonstrate the designs of high and exclusive performances by the help of HDL technologies. The verification engineer should also be eligible to conduct designing synthesis for the methodologies of ASIC.

Companies can find highly skilled and experienced design verification engineer in Bangalore for the purpose of ASIC verification. ASIC engineers have to perform hard work in the verification procedure sometimes apart from this work they also had to submit a formal verification mostly in the case of mass production when any device is going under a huge development.

In this formal declaration, the engineer has to prove or disprove the working of ASIC by using the mathematical algorithms which will further verify the designing of the chip as a formal proof. If the system gets approved, it will indicate or verify that the ASIC device is working perfectly in both theoretical and physical conditions.


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