Tips on setting up Linear Motor System

Linear motors
Linear motors

If you are looking around for direct drive system solution that is very much precise, then Linear Motor is the right option for you. One main benefit is that it can be used in many applications and offer with the best performance level. You need to keep in mind that to get the maximum in terms of performance, you may have to ensure that you have perfectly commissioned the system.


In this article, you will find details that you need to follow when assembling the system. One of the most important points to keep in mind is that before getting started up, you have to be familiar with the instructions for set up. When purchasing, you may be provided with set up manual by the manufacturer itself.

Cable management and system writing

In general, a system is made up of a magnetic track that is stationary type. Apart from this, you may also find a slider or a moving coil. The cables are also joint that will move as the slider moves. This makes the process of managing cables very much important.

It is important that you need to consider using a very flexible cable. You may also have to consider the cables bend radius along with shielding and grounding practices.

Power Up – Initial stages

After setting up, you need to ensure that you have set the cable current at the safe level. This also means that you have to set the input device current at safe limits. It is also advisable to place wooden blocks at the ends. There are chances that the motor could get detached and run away with force if the wire breaks off. This could in turn result to an accident.

You could also make use of specific parameters for setting up linear motors. You may also find certain types of drives in the market that are auto-populated types.

Initial testing phase

It is important that you try and blend perfectly with hall sequence, motor and encoder sequence. The feedback resolutions can also be tested by the system on its own. It is also important to test the direction of the commutating.

You also need to keep in mind that all parameters can be selected from the drop down menu. It will automatically extract the details by selecting the model type. You may just have to enter the temperature and feedback resolution. This factor is very much important.

Final set up stage

The moment you have managed to align the halls and the encoder along with the phasing of the motor, you have to ensure that the current at the peak is also limited. You will now be able to complete the shake and run process in the initial testing stage. This will help to ensure that the commutation set up is also perfect.

This is the right time for you to check with the set-up of the motor for exercising front and back movements. In the initial stages you need to ensure that you only allow short moves. If everything goes on well, then you can ensure that your set up is complete.


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