Talking About the Free Bulk SMS Service Provider in India


The bulk SMS service is one of the best choices of marketing in India. This is because SMS is spam free way of communication. Therefore, SMS marketing strategy is relevant to most of the leading companies.

The bulk SMS marketing technique is the new advancement in the field of marketing strategy. With this method of communicating with the customers, it has become easier as well as it has become less time-consuming. It does not disturb the customers. Any company or salesman does not know in which state a customer is when he is going to approach them.

So it is better to just send an SMS and the customer can check it whenever he is free. Free bulk SMS service provider in India typically provides the SMS gateway. The subscribers use the same to send SMS to the customers. If a company is using an email marketing strategy for marketing it is often found out that the email lands up in the customer’s junk folder and the message gets deleted automatically after some time.

This method is far better than any other method of campaigning because an SMS has very less chance of getting lost. The store and forward facility help the message which you have sent, in the SMSC server and then enters the customer’s mobile phone. If the customer’s mobile phone is not working the SMS is still there. The storing takes place and when the customer switches on his mobile phone he gets to see it. The SMSC server can store a message for months if necessary. All a company needs to do is type the message and all mobile numbers (whom they want to send) and the message get delivers to the customer’s phone within seconds. In this way, a single message is sent to a large number of people at the same time. The advantage of this process is if the customers think it necessary they can read the same SMS twice for better understanding.

As the mobile phone users are increasing exponentially, bulk SMS marketing is also gaining its popularity. The only drawback of this bulk SMS marketing strategy is, a company cannot elaborate in words while writing the message and it also cannot provide every minute details of the service or the product within the same message, as an SMS cannot be more than 160 characters. Therefore you have to be straight with your words. You cannot convey the message in a long way.

 Bulk SMS software India can help in sending the same message to a huge number of customers at the same time. Anyone can smoothly work on this software from his computer or laptop. The software is easy to use and manage. You just need an internet connection to send the SMS. It is user-friendly and cheap, as you need to pay for the software only during the time of purchase. So feel free and start using the SMS marketing strategy for the company’s betterment.


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