The Realm of SMS is Rewarding!


Since more and more brands try to target customers on the move, SMS is undoubtedly becoming a progressively essential part of effective multi-channel marketing. However, with a couple of digital marketing companies or agencies featuring SMS as an essential offering, their clients are possibly missing out on communications with their customers and  of course increased ROI.

There are many organisations there that mistakenly feel that mobile marketing demand heavy investment in applications and do not permit for personalised and targeted communication. Moreover, they believe that SMS also lacks strong analysis to support ROI. The truth is that access to mobile communications is much easier than perceived and fast access to the mobile consumers.  It can be as easy and simple as sending a single personalised, targeted message.  Perhaps, it is the reason that more and more brands and companies are now tilting towards SMS marketing for their growth.

Actually, you know SMS is one of the most instant channels available having a read rate of ninety seven percent inside fifteen minutes delivery. One can be reassured that their time critical messages are going to be read almost promptly. AN important forty five percent of SMS campaigns produce a fruitful ROI, touching over fifty percent when linked with other famous channels like email and social media.

It has become important that all the channels work well together inside the marketing mix and SMS is certainly no exception. SMS is an amazing separate channel, however it too has the capability to improve and support other marketing means, such as email and social media. Being huge on its own, SMS can also act to improve and support other famous mediums amidst consumers like social media and email. As an example, they can serve to retell customers to read an email sent by a brand or company hours or even days ago.  A common follow up SMS asking “have you gone through our email?” can help enhance email open rates by  twenty to thirty percent.  It matters a lot.

Know your customers & Improve Engagement

Come on, it is always great to know your customers better. Here SMS is a wonderful channel to fetch feedback from your customers through surveys. Research depicts that on average thirty one percent of consumers are going to respond to a survey through SMS with average response time for the users being only over five minutes. It simply means that one can get amazing results in a short span of time.

You can even improve the customer engagement. Just think about SMS as a mean to improve how your brand involves with customers across the whole customer lifecycle. Businesses have to remember to vary the kind of content they send out.  When you modify your texts as per the needs, the curiosity of the customers does get stirred up.


So, SMS is apparently turning out to be an instrument of great importance. The companies, brands and businesses are making the most of SMS so as to come up with extensive outcomes and better productivity.


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