How to Make Sure You Hire the Right Android Developer


Without a doubt, for a company to succeed in the current times, hiring employees dedicated to the core values and mission of the company are essential. Choosing the right employee from the diverse talent pool is becoming very difficult. Given the increasing number of applications, it has become difficult to manually filter out candidates and assess whether their talent pool can sufficiently add to the productivity of the company as a whole. This is why taking aid from a talent measurement tool can help; these tools can use their set factors to make powerful and precise people decisions and make the job of the human resource department much easier.

The company would find it easier to weed out the people not suitable for the position by analysing their current skills and capabilities through administering them an android aptitude test. This is especially true when hiring to a position such as android developer. The tasks carried out by an android developer revolve around the creation of customized apps that run on the Android platform. From the design of the app’s interface for users to writing the code for different activities, logs and events required by the app, all of this is done by the android developer. Since this also involves the need for ensuring a proper degree of encryption is present to prevent any leaking of valuable information entered into the app, it is important that the hired developer is competent in all different facets of his job.

Types of Tests

The pool of candidates can be administered tests falling in either or both of the following categories:

  1. Coding Tests:

These are optimized to be able to assess a person’s technical skills as well as efficiency and how quickly they can get a task done. Simulations of real-life environments are used to judge a person’s hands-on ability with handling mobile technology; all this can be done on any tool or software as desired. Various benchmarks can be set according to the position the candidate is being hired into.

  1. Psychometric Tests:

These tests can be used to judge how well the developer would fit in with the existing company culture, if hired. Factors like the possibility of attrition can be measured using these tests.

About the Test for Hiring Android Developer

Many companies like PayTM, Atom and AltMetrik use the test before hiring people for the job profiles of Android Developer and Terminal Application Developer. The test contains questions that may be subjective, a simulation or multiple-choice, as chosen by the company. It is generally used to evaluate the candidate based on two sections of skills: technical skills and hands-on experience.

The use of online test software leads to a better hiring process and greater productivity of the company in the long run due to effective use of the available talent pool. It is a good idea for any company to hire their android developers after putting them through an online assessment to properly verify their skillset. Doing so will surely pay off in the long run.


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