The Importance of Microsoft Project in a PMO

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Perhaps you have been assigned manager of a big project. This could be the turning point of your company and your fortunes. You start off by making a list of everything required. You jot down all the points, your budget, investments, the time required, necessary work force, etc. A lot of things keep varying. With the constant pressure of managing this vast project, you could end up making the tiniest of mistakes which could lead to the end of your ambitious project goals. In order to avoid this, Microsoft came up with software called MS Project in the year 2000. It is designed to assist a project manager in various ways. You can now store all your data on your computer. All you got to do is make the necessary fields, give in the required figures, and let the system do its task. Once all the calculations are complete, your assistant project manager is now set up in the form of MS Project.

Features of MS Project:

Based on resource rate and assignment work, MS Project creates budgets.

The cost is calculated, which is equal to the rate times the work.

MS Project contains a unique tool called the Shared Resource Pool where materials, people, and equipment can be shared between projects.

A calendar is assigned to each of the resource sources. This defines the days and shifts of the applicable resource.

Assignment costs summary at resource level is calculated by the resource rates.

There is no limit in defining resources in the label.

MS Project can perceive different kinds of users.

Gantt Charts are printed to help you organize your deadlines in the right manner. This ensures nobody overshoots the deadlines.

MS Project is officially available in two different versions – Standard and Professional. Depending on your computer hardware specifications, you can go for either 32 bit or 64 bit versions. The professional version includes all the features of the Standard edition, along with more collaborative tools. You can also connect to the MS Project Server with the Professional software.

As you might know, there are a lot of Project Management Offices available offline. With the boom in technology, almost any task nowadays can be done and finished online. These Project Management Offices (PMO’s) maintain the standards of the of project management of their clients.

The functionalities of the PMO are as follows:

Supportive: The Project Management Office must be really supportive to every member with a consultative role.

Controlling: Controlling in this context means making sure everything goes as planned.

Directive: The Project Management Office should take control and manage each and every project of the client.

Most big companies have a department for this itself. In order to abolish old practices, the importance of MS Project must be known. Taking up the management of the project online is an essential step when it comes to e-PMO. Choosing the right technology for the same is very important. But there is no need to worry as there are a ton of applications and products available to help you take everything online.

1. Application: MS Office 35 Project Online – As discussed in the first half of the article, the MS Project is the most crucial software the company needs to invest in.

2. For Reporting: Power BI – For interactive visualizations and reporting capabilities.

3. For Collaboration: Share Point – For project documentation and collaborations.

4. For Integration: Apps

5. On Premises: Microsoft Project Serve: These servers help maintain all your databases properly.

6. Services: PSA – Professional Services Automation along with ERP and CRM.


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