Are you Hiring App Developer? Look for these Features to Pick the Best

App Developer
App Developer

Hiring an IT professional is different from recruiting administrative and housekeeping staff. This is because IT is a collection of specialized fields. Instead of appointing in-house resources, entrepreneurs prefer outsourcing these projects to consultancies and freelancers to control operational cost.

Rising use of smartphones has made app development essential for every business. Regardless of their size and nature of the products and services they are offering for their clients, they have to pay attention to promote their brand on the mobile platform.

Below I am sharing few critical features you must look into the professional while hiring an app developer in Dubai.

Knowledge & expertise

Development is a critical process that requires in-depth knowledge and experience. Don’t trust on junior and fresh graduates working as freelancers unless they possess the real experience to handle client sides. Always demand them to show their academic and professional certifications to ensure that they own all the required skills and expertise you need. Only qualified and experienced professionals are capable of understanding and delivering services according to client requirements. They know the difference between writing code for client side.

Quality of work

During meeting with candidates, ask them to share the brief detail of actual projects they have worked so far. Check the web for customer reviews and quality of their work. You may also take feedback from employees and customers for further confirmation. Don’t neglect a person just because of his young age. Evaluate a person by his work quality and exposure to the industry.

Strong leadership skills

Leadership skills and capability to work with a team are the prominent qualities of professionals. They don’t hesitate to oversee and mentor juniors in their group. If a candidate has mentioned previous company names on his resume, it shows he been the part of different teams. If his CV doesn’t include the name of any organization, then beware of picking this applicant. Hire a person who is eager to learn new things and willing to share his experience with others.

A holistic approach to tackle problems

An experienced person understands the business prospects of developing a mobile application. This allows them to spot out the business-critical features of these applications. Moreover, their holistic approach enables them to make necessary changes in the development process to fix unexpected issues. They understand the risk of providing temporary solutions to the problem and try their best to give permanent solutions.

Expert level skills to write code in more than one language

Writing code is an essential skill of the developer. Regardless of their experience, every developer knows how to write code. Experienced developers are a preferred option because of their capability to write perfect code and expert level understanding of more than one coding languages.

Complete understanding of app development process

Appoint a person who is capable of understanding every stage of the development process. An experienced developer knows everything regarding project planning and development requirements. Awareness of agile and SCRUM methodology enable them to understand requirements of project manager.

Endnote: Before you hire an app developer in Dubai, you should learn to spot out the best characteristics to pick a qualified resource with right skills.


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