3 Common Amazon Alexa Problems and How to Fix Them

Amazon Alexa Problems
Amazon Alexa Problems

Amazon Alexa is an intelligent virtual assistant, helping you perform lots of tasks just by following your voice commands. It encompasses a wide range of supplementary features to fulfil your several daily-life needs in a flash. Despite the fact that Alexa makes your life super easier, there’re still a teeming number of issues that people are bumping into. Ranging from voice recognition errors to Wi-Fi connectivity issues – Amazon Alexa problems have made people scratch their heads. Sensing this need, we’ve come up with our Amazon Alexa help to fix common problems that users are facing with the assistant. So, let’s take a roundup of all Alexa problems along with their solution to fix them.

Fix Common Amazon Alexa Problems

  1. Alexa Doesn’t Understand You

There’re times when you find yourself repeating the same commands to Alexa. Or maybe Alexa hears you but unable to understand, asking you to clarify. Well, it can be truly annoying, isn’t it?

Rebooting and positioning your Amazon Echo away from other devices is a good idea to fix this issue. Another low-tech solution is to ensure that there’s nothing blocking your Alexa-powered device from hearing your voice, in every direction. If there’re any noisy appliances, move the Amazon Echo device away from those to reduce the ambient noise level.

Besides, you can also use the Voice Training option by navigating to the Settings section in the Alexa app. As soon as you tap on the Voice Training option, it will walk you through a tutorial of 25 phrases to read aloud helping your Echo device to better understand your particular voice.

  1. Echo Keeps Getting Activated

Alexa is the default wake word for Echo devices, which can sometimes be activated by your TV, commercials or even radio broadcasts. In case your Echo is placed near your TV and you’re enjoying YouTube videos, the listening feature may often get activated.

Fortunately, you can customize the wake word for your Echo device to fix this problem. By heading over to Settings > Your Echo > Change Wake Word, you will be able to choose one of the other pre-defined options like ‘Echo’ and ‘Amazon’.

  1. WiFi Connectivity isn’t Working

The power LED on the bottom rear of Echo indicates the WiFi connectivity status. In case it’s orange, it means that there’s no Internet access. Try rebooting your router and Echo device to troubleshoot this issue. In case it doesn’t work for you, there may be a problem with interference. So, it’s recommended to move your Echo device closer to your wireless access point or router.

If you own a dual-band modem, you can switch to the 5GHz frequency from the 2.4GHz one or vice versa. The lower frequency is more common and may face disturbances from a number of household appliances like microwave. In contrast, the 5GHz frequency is a bit stronger.


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