6 Factors Affecting Property Value: The Undeniable Connection!

Real Estate
Real Estate

The study of property market is just like opening Pandora’s Box; see how one end ties up to another, creating a chain reaction; allowing you to explore new and unanticipated grounds. All of the complicated research may spook you out sometime however it gets interesting when moving forth. Why price of property for sale in Sharjah or at any other place tend to rise so often and how it’s connected to inflation is part of the analysis. As economists and financial forecasters cited; “relationship between real estate and inflation is quite complex”.

Generations have passed and still there’s no one factor resulting in such predicament. Macroeconomic cycles play a crucial role in between all factors. Product supply and demand levels are key indicator leading towards economic growth, stagnation and decline. Inflation rates are often adjusted per fiscal activity to regulate or promote expansion.

  1. Inflation: The driving force

Modern economic theory outline that some inflation is good for healthy financial system whereas excess results in tentative asset bubbles like housing, thus collapse market and pessimistic impacts that haunts for a long time. Investor Guide explained inflation as increase in price for all commodities and market. Even if you place a property for sale in Sharjah during massive inflation, it’ll likely remain dormant until price descends or you can be a millionaire.

  1. The economic cycles

Economy today is cyclical however exact reason for this relevancy remained uncertain. Professionals are constantly engaged in finding valid evidence for this recurring system and produced promising results; clarifying that inflation is the catalyst of all such activities. When state’s government starts printing more money, it increase demand for products and services but production is less. In the end, you’ve to pay more than usual for even an insignificant product; demand exceeds supply.

  1. Interesting interest rates

Another fundamental tenet of current monetary theory cites that lower the interest rates, faster and stronger the economic growth and vice versa. All of this somehow relates to available capital which every business needs to expand and thrive in times to come. Interest rates help to research over latest financial cycle and control relevant commotions.

A fine example would be “Great Recession 2008-2010” which showed global government that slashing rates to less than one percent for extended period can arouse growth. Higher rates on the contrary are considered negative for real estate and other markets overall.

  1. Supply & demand

Interest and mortgage rates are subjected to increase and decrease all together but industrial trends swarming latest market trends are determined by supply and demand. However, when these don’t coincide, effects of inflation on credit interest rate differ from specific goods and services.

  1. Inventory research

Inventory is yet an additional and crucial fact when house price is your primary concern. When a particular state’s market is facing decline, inventory is involved in abundance. Cost of a house will be higher than usual once existing stock is sold. A way to neutralise price of property for sale in Sharjah price is when builders continues developing residential projects more than demand.

  1. Labour costs

Rise in minimum wage eventually leads to higher land price. Increase in labour cost requires builders to thrust rate per square foot which has a profound effect on market. Eventually, house or land is sole at a higher price so builders may cover their costs.


Mentioned above are all the connecting aspects when price of property for sale in Sharjah or anywhere for that matter is rising constantly.

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