Do I Need to Hire Toronto Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Toronto defence lawyer
Toronto defence lawyer

When facing a crime your liberty and your life is at stake. Even though you have been charged of minor crime or that of less severity, your life will get affected if you are sentenced to jail or asked for penalty. Hiring Toronto criminal defense lawyer can help you protect your rights. You must be aware of the fact that the law is vast and understanding many things is not possible for a layperson. Also, if you hire a new lawyer or do not take advantage of an experienced one, you might not get apt results.

However, when you are charged with crime, you need to access several options of representation. The first thing you can do is represent yourself. If you do so, it is possible that you have the knowledge of your case, but knowing how to present, argues, keep your points so that things get into your favor is not possible with the level of knowledge you have gained. Toronto defense lawyer is a qualified and experienced professional who is well-versed with the law system and its twits and turns. He will help you out safely in any adverse situation, he will work in your interest and save your rights at any level of the case.


The law provides you the right to represent yourself and you can take advantage of this whenever you want. However, if the court deems you incompetent only then you would not be allowed to represent yourself. The judge can appoint a Toronto criminal defence lawyer which is called standby counsel, to help you in need. The court will make this arrangement even if you don’t like or opt that for.

When you opt for self-representation, the judge will consider you of the same standard as the professional responsibility of a criminal defense attorney. You will be expected to follow the rules of the procedure and of the evidence. Here, the judge has no concern about whether you are familiar with all this or not. This is the reason why self-representation is highly risky. In the court you will have to face licensed and experienced attorney who are well aware of the rules of criminal procedure as well as the relevant case law.

Public defenders

Defendant who are unable to afford a lawyer and if they face imprisonment up to 6 months, they have the right to ask for public defenders by the court.

Private criminal defense lawyers

On any criminal charge you will have all the rights to hire Toronto criminal defense lawyer. If you have any kind of income issue you can even ask and have a deal with your lawyer or use your right for having a public defender at your side. The only thing is that public defenders face lot of work load and so, they would not be able to stay devoted to your case. So, if you are facing high stake criminal charges, hire the criminal defense lawyer privately. Make sure you do that prudently to get the maximum benefit.


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