Modern Office Options – It’s Time to Think Outside the Box


Today’s professionals no longer need to worry about having to go through the tedious effort of finding office space. Hong Kong’s commercial real estate market has made it possible for professionals of all budgets to find office space. Even in the typically expensive places, professionals have a much easier time finding affordable, accessible office space.

One only need look to the numerous companies ready to assist you with finding office space. In a place like Hong Kong where skyscrapers meet the skyline offering professionals and tourist alike dizzying views of the city, office space is a prime commodity that is accessible to anyone willing to look for space. However, you do not even have to have traditional office space to operate today, as IT technology has transformed the office space landscape.

Continue reading to find out more about alternative office space solutions and how they can help your business.

Conventional Leasing

Conventional leases are a way of the past. With lease payments and initial deposits that are extremely expensive, start-ups, the self-employed, and small businesses are often squeezed out of prime areas simply because they cannot afford the excessively expensive rents in premium areas. However, with the rise of serviced offices, traditional leasing companies face some pretty tough competition. Servcorp, for example, provides a few plans that can fit out your business with both traditional and alternative office space. Check out Servcorp’s Hong Kong site at to see all of the various office plans.

Remote Office

Remote working has become more than a trend in office solutions. In fact, managers and professionals both benefit from an arrangement that allows employees to work from home or some other location. Because of the many technological advances, whole business management systems allow professionals to submit work online while communicating with managers and co-workers, among a plethora of other functions. Whether using a file sharing system or some other system that allows professionals to work independently in another location, the remote office presents businesses with an inexpensive solution to traditional office space and works especially well with businesses that have less than ten workers.

Virtual Office

The virtual office is where remote working meets the traditional office. The virtual office provides professionals with the use of conference and meeting rooms, boardrooms, and private offices, in addition to world-class IT service and office equipment. This office style really helps organisations that work remotely become cohesive by making all of the amenities of a standard office available to be leased.

Unlike leasing an office where you actually are using the space on a daily basis, the virtual office plan leases the use of space on an as-needed basis. Because you are not in the office every single day, your monthly overhead is drastically reduced. Furthermore, many of these leasing spaces operate in other locations, so it makes it easier for professionals with some of the premium plans to reserve meeting room space in other locations.

Co-Working Spaces

Co-working spaces operate similarly to the virtual office in that professionals rent the use of space on an as-needed basis. However, the office lease provides professionals with the opportunity to lease a hot desk or permanent desk. In addition, co-working spaces tend to form close-knit communities that provide professionals (usually start-ups and the self-employed) the support needed to advance their careers. In fact, professionals will find many co-working communities nurture their business ideas while providing them with the networking support to build growth.

Alternatives To High-Rents

These office formats allow for young professionals and start-ups to have access to the same resources as the corporate giants because many of their offices sit in premium locations. These locations provide your business with high visibility on a budget. More importantly, these alternative plans allow your business to transition into conventional office space as your business grows.


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