Choosing the Right Fabric for Commercial Upholstery: Some Tips

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A lot of people feel that choosing fabrics for commercial upholstery is a difficult job to handle. But in reality, you can do this easily with the right guidance. Now, the question that arises here is-who offers this right guidance? Well, if you haven’t been able to find the right kind of guidance, then we can help you here. Below, you find some of the handiest tips for choosing fabrics for commercial upholstery. Check out-

The location plays an important role-

If you are looking for furniture upholstery fabrics, then make sure you consider where you are going to place the furniture items to be upholstered. For instance, if you intend to place the furniture items in a busy corner where they are going to be used much often, then it would be valuable for you to choose a fabric that can withstand rough use. If, however, you are going to place the furniture items in a place not much frequented by people then you can use sensitive fabrics too. Generally, engineered and combination fabrics are more durable as compared to other fabric varieties. So, you can use them for heavy-duty use. Also, if you are going to keep the furniture in a place that receives direct sunlight for long hours, then you might have to choose something that conceals fading. So, the placement of the furniture plays a key role in which fabric you pick.

Have you considered the pattern of the fabric carefully?

If you need fabrics for commercial upholstery Melbourne, they you sure are going to expose the fabric to rough use. In such a scenario, you can’t choose a plain fabric. You will need a fabric that will hide stains. Now, what can hide stains? Patterned fabrics can hide stains efficiently. And remember, not all patterns are going to offer the kind of results you must be looking for. You need to go for patterns that are too busy. Such patterns will not just hide stains or dirt but will also make the upholstered item look enviably good. If you are not interested in patterns, you can choose plain fabrics in dark colours. While choosing the pattern for an upholstery fabric, you should also keep the item in mind that you are going to use the fabric on. A pattern that looks aesthetically pleasant on one item may mar the beauty of another. So, choosing carefully is the key here.

Do mind the colour of the fabric-

Don’t forget to consider the aspect of colour. Go for a colour that suits the object which is going to be upholstered. You can also consider the mood you want the upholstery to reflect. Only based on such considerations, you should choose the upholstery fabric.

What fabric grade it is?

A fabric with a higher grade will have better fibre type, construction procedure and thread count. The grade actually indicates the manufacturing cost and not the durability of the fabric. If you don’t know much about grades, ask the manufacturer.

By following the tips above, you will be able to choose a fabric for commercial upholstery meticulously.


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