How can Outbound Call Centres Boost the Sales Results?

Outbound Call Centres
Outbound Call Centres

In this era, most of the business owners want to get their hands on the better sales results so as to achieve the enhanced profit levels. Here the significance of BPO firms almost gets doubled because they know how to increase the sales of products or services within a short period of time.

As we know that sometimes small mistakes can cost a fortune. Therefore, it is imperative for the outbound call centres to ensure that there is no room left for the silly errors to achieve the desired results.

Take a gander at the following points that can help in getting better sales results:

Hire extroverts

Do you know the best way to increase the sales of products or services? Well, the answer is hiring extroverts. Usually, longer calls ensure better results as compared to the shorter ones.

Therefore, if agents of outbound call centres can manage to keep the attention of the potential customers for a long period of time, there is a high possibility that the latter may make a quick purchase decision. Hence, it is imperative to ensure that all the agents possess extrovert personality.

To build a rapport with potential customers quickly, it is imperative for the salespeople to have a positive mindset. On the contrary, agents who have introvert personality, always face unnecessary issues while communicating with the prospects, which, in turn, leads to poor sales result.

Use impressive call openers

Another aspect that can help in increasing the sales of products or services is using impressive call opening lines. This is so because if agents sound energetic & personal at the start of the conversation, potential customers are more likely to stay on the call for a longer period. Therefore, opening lines should be polite and upbeat.

Here are some examples of good opening lines:

  • Can we talk for two minutes?
  • Hello Sir/Mam, I have an offer that you may be interested in.
  • Hi, I got your number from your friend that think our products/services will be beneficial for you.

To prevent any sloppiness, outbound call centres should provide some impressive opening lines in sales scripts so that agents don’t take extra time in thinking how they should start.

Conduct competitions

No one can deny this fact that conducting competitions has always been the best way to motivate agents to achieve better results. Therefore, it is imperative for the BPO firms to conduct competitions after a short period of time. Moreover, telesales agents will automatically try to raise the bar when they see that their colleagues are coming up with the better results. Consecutively, this aspect leads to high sales results.

With the help of competitions, it would be very easy to find out which strategies are working and which aren’t. This factor will help the call centres in making suitable changes in the unsuccessful strategies and optimizing the successful ones. Apart from that, agents won’t hesitate in using the new tactics and this again a very good aspect from the business point of view.

Furthermore, offering good incentives will make the competitions more interesting. All in all, conducting competitions after a short time span can do the trick to increase the sales graph.

Make agent’s life easier

You should not be surprised by knowing that there has always been a lot of external noise in the busy call centres. Somewhere this aspect indirectly affects the agent’s productivity. Moreover, agents usually request the potential customers to repeat the answers during the call because of the background noise. This factor not only makes the potential customers frustrated but also leads to poor results.

The situation gets transformed from bad to worse when agents start raising their voice during the call. Consequently, this aspect gets perceived as disrespectful or rude by the prospects, which in turn, leads to negative reviews and dip in the sales graph.

Therefore, it is significant for the spotless outbound call centres to provide high-quality noise-cancelling headsets so that agents don’t have to deal with the hassle of external noise.


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