8 Important Tips to Keep your Car Running Longer


Since you have spent a lot on your car including the cost of purchase, insurance, repairs, and fuel, it makes sense to invest efforts towards keeping it happy forever. Luckily, there are a lot of things you can do to make your car last longer and maintain its overall value. Listed below are some of the best tips to keep your pride rolling.

1. Allow your Car to Breathe

There’s more to maintenance of a car than an oil filter. Most owners neglect the importance of changing the air filter. This is crucial to allow your vehicle to breathe easier. It also helps the engine last longer. When the air filter of the car gets clogged, the engine performs poorly. This is bad for your fuel economy, and even harms the engine in the long term.

2. Keep It Clean

Do not neglect exteriors and interiors of your car. Make sure you wash it very regularly and even wax it as required. Interiors of a car are usually overlooked regions. So spend quality time keeping it clean. Also allow it to smell good without the use of perfume. Vacuuming the carpet regularly helps. You need to get spills out of your car immediately. For additional information on keeping your car running for long, read the latest car news in Hindi online. It offers helpful info on various ways to keep your vehicle healthy and happy. You will also get to know about the latest happenings and introductions in the car industry.

3. The Cooling System

Never fail to maintain the cooling system of your car. A proper level of coolant is extremely crucial. The process can save you many thousands of dollars in repairs. Most people do not understand that failure of a cooling system can melt down the engine. No appropriate coolant within the car will lead to major problems ahead.

4. Smarter You Drive – Happier the Car

How you drive puts an impact on the overall life of your car. It also affects fuel economy. Driving smart is important to save on wear and tear. Do not take off fast and come to a stop abruptly (too fast). This will have a bad impact on your car. This affects its brakes, engine, and other things.

5. Check for Pressure

Although a crucial part of car, tires often go ignored. Not much attention is paid to keep them at appropriate inflation pressure. This affects the car and over fuel economy. Additionally, improper pressure level of tires also lead to serious safety issues. Maintaining car tires up with appropriate pressure will help your car without costing you much.

6. Inspect Well

Spend a good amount of time in inspecting your car. Take about 7-10 minutes and walk around the car. You need to have a close look at it. Start with checking the tires. These should not wear unevenly. Also open the hood and inspect hoses well. All the lights should be in working condition. Regular checkups help.

7. Cover it Up

When storing the car in a garage, keep it covered. You must keep it out of the sun, tree sap, and bird droppings and tree sap. Take special care of the parking site of your car to prevent dings.

8. Keep Tabs on Gauges

Gauges of the car will indicate you of any issue with the oil pressure, pressure of the tire or cooling system. However, this is only when you pay ample attention to the gauges. A majority of people simply ignores. No wonder present age manufacturers relied on ‘idiot lights’ to offer a clear signal of these issues.


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