4 Common Reasons your Car’s Making Louder than Normal Noise


There’re cars manufactured with bigger and louder engines, tailored for the purpose which gives them a sporty touch. Exhaust systems of these vehicles are totally different than the ones we usually see on the road. But, if the sound produced by your car’s engine is rising beyond normal, it’s an indication that something must’ve gone wrong causing such.

The issue can be associated with engine services or electrical component of the car as well as a bad spark plug. Other serious problems can be a compromised catalytic converter or a failing muffler. Whatever the case, here’s why your car’s making a noise out of the obvious!

  1. A smashed exhaust system

When a speeding vehicle comes in direct contact with an obstacle on the road, exhaust system is likely to get damaged. That being said, hitting isn’t alone the cause of exhaust system damage but its rusting and lack of care also compromises the functionality thus making your car release above the average noise. Damage to the front and tail pipe alongside the manifold causes larger than usual sound which asks for immediate look after repair and care.

  1. Poor or compromised muffler

Muffler in the car is responsible to reduce overall noise level of the engine and poor condition or factors which drops its functionality involves rust, constant exposure of the vehicle to unusual weather phenomenon or excess heat. Such things leave behind holes and cracks thus producing louder than normal noise.

  1. A faulty or near-compromised catalytic converter

Catalytic converter is used to burn the non-burning hydrocarbons in the exhaust as well as breakdown the sulphur produced by the engine. When it functions inappropriately or literally failing to serve the purpose, the engine releases louder than normal noise thus affecting mileage of the car as well! A compromised catalytic converter usually triggers the check engine light in the dashboard.

  1. Exhausted seals/gasket & poor spark plug

Engine runs louder than usual if the gasket or few seals of the exhaust system are decimated. As for the bad spark plug, it can be a source of engine backfire which makes a car sound louder. And once the spark plug is done for and doesn’t ignite the fuel in the combustion chamber, the car’s likely to misfire or sputter. Poor spark plugs also drops the optimum performance level of the vehicle, increases fuel consumption and even cause the engine to shudder abnormally.

  • More on spark plug

A spark plug is made of electricity conducting compounds sheathed in a ceramic body. The threaded base screws into top of an engine’s cylinder with two electrodes on the base projects into the ignition compartment. High-voltage current passes from the plug’s top to the electrodes at the base which then arcs between the electrodes and burns fuel vapour in the ignition chamber.

If it’s performing up-to-the-mar, the engine’s sound should be constant and smooth but if the noise is unusual, it’s time to have the spark plug checked and probably replaced.


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